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    Can AutoUpdate be customized?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.0.0 and higher
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare


    Is it possible to customize AutoUpdate? Can I include customized tag tables or other files?


    When the upgrade is complete, updated client files for the new version of Voyager are available in /m1/voyager/clients/autoupdate.
    The update.txt file dictates which files will be part of the AutoUpdate.
    Customized files can be placed in the appropriate place in the autoupdate directory structure.
    The update.txt file can be customized to change which files are updated on client workstations.

    Best practice is to customize files from copies included in the upgrade version in order to obtain any updates to those files that may be available in the new release.

    Additional Information

    Example: Adding customized MARC21 tag tables for Voyager 10.0.0 upgrade

    1. Download a copy of the VoyagerInstall.exe and install it in a separate directory on a workstation, e.g., C:\Voy10clients
    2. Use the files in C:\Voy10clients\Catalog\TagTable\Marc21 and customize the tag tables.
    3. (Optional) Point the Cataloging client at Preview Server and test out the customized tag tables.
    4. After upgrade, before staff begin connecting to update clients and start working, make a backup copy of the Marc21 tag tables on the server, e.g., /m1/incoming/Marc21
    5. Transfer the customized files to /m1/voyager/clients/autoupdate/Catalog/TagTable/Marc21
    6. Double check that files are listed in update.txt

    Customized files will be distributed as part of AutoUpdate.

    With increased security of Windows systems, AutoUpdate has become increasingly problematic to implement and support. In some environments it no longer works.  Support recommends you consider different options/methods for installing new clients.

    • Article last edited: 26-Dec-2017