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Cannot discharge in Circulation; space quota issues

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Voyager
  • Product Version: All

Problem Symptoms

  • Items can be renewed, but not discharged
  • Fines and fees cannot be added manually or via Circulation batch jobs
  • Circjob.log and/or alert_VGER.log contain error: ORA-01536: space quota exceeded for tablespace 'XXXDB'
  • Attempting to discharge item results in error: An error occurred while attempting to process discharge request


XXXDB may be out of tablespace, or tablespace may not be set to autoextend.


Open a Case with Voyager Support for assistance




  1. Use UTIL menu to add tablespace:
  2. SSH or telnet to server as voyager user.
  3. dlib xxxdb
  4. util
  5. Type O (Oracle Management)
  6. Type C (Check Oracle tablespace)
  7. Enter oracle administrative user
  8. Enter oracle password for system user

UTIL menu will check tablespace. If indicates that additional tablespace is needed:

  1. Type Enter to return to Oracle Management menu
  2. Type A (Add an Oracle datafile for xxxdb)
  3. Enter oracle administrative user
  4. Enter oracle password for system user
  5. UTIL menu gives message:

       About to create a new datafile for Voyager database voydb:

       alter tablespace VOYDB add datafile
         './voydb_439.dbf' size 100M
         autoextend on next 100M maxsize 4000M;

  1. Type YES to continue.

UTIL menu adds datafile

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