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    Enabling patron PIN for Voyager WebVoyage

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



    How do we enable Patron PIN in WebVoyage?


    Be aware that Patron PIN is an additional form of security to be used in addition to a login type (barcode, Institution ID, or Social Security Number).

    Enabling Patron PIN is done in the file for the appropriate skin and is self-documented within the file.

    In the following stanza, changing "N" to "Y" will enable the PIN:

    # Should WebVoyage users enter a PIN when logging in?
    # If Y, supply a default PIN for patrons that do not yet have PINs in their    \
    #  records. PINs can be 4 - 12 characters, and are case sensitive.

    Note that this stanza is also where you set the default PIN. Patrons can then login to WebVoyage using the default and change their PIN.

    There are additional stanzas in the file which allow further customization (they are also self-documented).  Do a search on the file for the string "PIN" to locate those stanzas.

    Patron PIN can be mass-populated using the XML Patron Update program.  See: Is there a way to mass-populate a default PIN for patrons?

    Additional Information

    If a patron forgets their PIN, a circulation operator with the proper permissions (specified in the Profile 2 tab) can update their PIN.



    • Article last edited: 10-Dec-2020