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    How are Fund Codes used in Embedded Order Data (EOD) via BulkImport?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.2


    How are Fund Codes used in Embedded Order Data (EOD) via BulkImport?


    • Intended location code is derived from the incoming bib (e.g. in a 9xx field) to find all ledgers with which that location is associated.
    • Fund code found in the incoming bib (9xx field) is used if it exists; otherwise, default fund code defined in the Bulk Import Rule is used.
    • Voyager finds all matching fund records based on associating the Fund Code and Ledger values already found as above.
    • Date hierarchy that controls funds is used to eliminate any funds not valid for today's date; dates are checked in fund record, parent fund, fiscal period, and ledger.
      • If exactly one matching fund is found after all checks, line item is loaded.
      • If no fund is found, BulkImport creates an error message in the log (which mentions the fund code); line item is NOT loaded.
      • If two or more matching funds are found, BulkImport logs an error message with the fund code and ledger names; line item is NOT loaded.

    Additional Information

    Voyager requires fund codes used in EOD in BulkImport to be unique for a particular intended location as derived from the location code in the incoming bib.

    NOTE: even when line item is not loaded (not added to PO), bib record is still added to database

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