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    How does ISBN/ISSN validation work in Cataloging?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.1.0


    In Cataloging, how does ISBN/ISSN validation work?


    • In the Cataloging client, ISBN and ISSNs are validated automatically unless "Bypass ISBN validation" and "Bypass ISSN validation" are checked in Options > Preferences > Validation.
    • If the "Bypass" option is not checked, when a record is saved, some MARC subfields are validated to be sure they comply with the ISBN and ISSN format.
    • ISBN/ISSN validation is part of the Cataloging client and does not work with tag tables.

    Additional Information

    • 10-digit, 13-digit and 8-digit ISBNs are supported.
    • Only ISBNs and ISSNs in the MARC fields 020$a, 022$a and 024$a (if the 024 has a first indicator of 3) will be validated.

    • Article last edited: 25-Jun-2018