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    How to batch delete duplicate patrons?

    • Product Version: All
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local; Total Care


    How can duplicate patron records be deleted?


    1. Create input file (SIF or XML) that will update patron purge or expire date to a date in the past for duplicate entries.
    2. Use Patron Update (Pptrnupdt or PpatronImpX) to load file and update the patron records with new date.
    3. Run Patron Purge (Pcircjob -j39 or PpatronPrg) and specify purge or expire date that will catch the new date in the duplicate patron records.

    Additional Information

    XML versions of utilities introduced in Voyager 8.2.0. See Developers Network for patron schema XSD for XML Patron Utilities.

    See Technical User's Guide for more information on SIF and XML versions of Patron Update and Patron Purge.

    • Article last edited: 08-Oct-2013
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