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    How to set the 'Login' button in WebVoyage to direct users to the 'My Account' page.

    • Product: Voyager


    How do we configure WebVoyage to direct users to the 'My Account' page after logging in, rather than the default search page?


    1. Connect via SSH or telnet to server as user voyager.
    2. Open /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/vwebv/context/vwebv/ui/{Your Skin}/
    3. Find this line:
    4. Update line to redirect to myAccount:{hostname:port}/vwebv/myAccount
    5. Save changes

    Additional Information

    This change sets the URL of the 'Login' button to be the full URL of the 'My Account' page. Since the 'My Account page requires a login, the user is prompted to log in before continuing to the target page.

    The link can also be used on a normal web page (like a Library's Home Page) to direct patrons to their account information after logging in.

    Voyager Support has a limited ability to assist with WebVoyage customizations.  Please see: What WebVoyage customizations are supported?

    • Article last edited: 14-Apr-2020
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