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    How to use command searching in WebVoyage

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.2


    How to use command line searching in Tomcat WebVoyage?


    1. To use command searching in WebVoyage you must have first enabled either the Command Search(CMD) or Command Search wth Relevance(CMD*) search types. See How to enable command searching in WebVoyage
    2. Select Command Search type from the Basic Search page.
    3. Use the general format of [Search Code] [Search Term] - example: (TKEY Agriculture)
    4. Link searches with boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) - (TKEY "Animal Farm" AND NKEY Orwell)
    5. Use parenthases to group searches and link with boolean operators - (TKEY patent OR copyright OR "intelectual property) AND (SKEY "intlectual property" AND JKEY "law review")

    The full list of available search codes can be found in System Administration > Search. The most common search codes:

    Author name keyword NKEY
    Title keyword TKEY
    Subject heading keyword SKEY
    Date of publication 260C
    Journal title keyword JKEY
    Place (city) of publication 260A
    Publisher name keyword 260B
    Series title keyword SERI

    Additional Information

    See:  Command Keyword searches fail when combined with 008P, 008L


    • Article last edited: 26-Jun-2014
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