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    How to validate patron XML file before batch loading

    • Product: Voyager


    How can a file of XML patron records be validated to be sure it is in sync with the XSD prior to loading?


    Voyager does not have a validation utility, but third party tools can be used.

    One option: Notepad++ has an XML Tools plugin that can be used to validate an XML file.

    1. Open PatronSchema.xsd
    2. Save a copy of the XSD on workstation
    3. Open XML file in Notepad++
    4. Plugins > XML Tools > Validate now > browse for PatronSchema.xsd on workstation.
    5. Click OK 

    Notepad++ will return messages that show which elements do not comply with the XSD that Voyager uses. 

    Additional Information

    Notepad++ is an open source option, but it is not the only option for validating XML. For example, there are free online services. 

    As with many third party tools, use those that work best for local workflows and comply with local standards and best practices.

    • Article last edited: 21-Aug-2017
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