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    MEDIA: Incorrect availability for some bookings

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.2

    Problem Symptoms

    • Some media bookings are charged but return availableNow : 1 for OPAC format z39.50 requests
    • Scheduled status not applied to some media bookings.

    Defect Status

    VYG-4879 is resolved for Voyager 9.0.0 and higher.

    Replication steps:

    (Tools > Options > Bookings > New Bookings = Pickup & Automatically charge new pickup bookings : set for workflow below, but also replicates with other settings)

    1. Open Schedule > Day View
    2. Click New
    3. Search for & select Requester.
    4. Fill in Time Finished.
    5. Media Tab > Search > Call number search
    6. Select from list
    7. Highlight holdings & click Add
    8. Select Desired Media Type box appears; highlight media type
    9. Click OK
    10. Click Save and Close on Booking form.
    11. Receive message: Booking charged successfully!
    12. Review item status: status is Charged/Not Charged.
    13. Connect with Yaz or other z39.50 client.
    14. Search for & retrieve record in OPAC-1 format.
    15. Note that availableNow=1, even though the "Charged" status supercedes "Not Charged" in Voyager's item status hierarchy.


    Select a specific item in step 7 rather than the holding; or input a barcode or item_id to select the item.

    • Article last edited: 18-Mar-2014