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    Patron API call returns localhost

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.1.2

    Problem Symptoms

    Patron RESTful API call to vxws: http://<IP>:<port>/vxws/patron/<patron_id>?patron_homedb=1@<db_key>

    returns response with localhost instead of server IP

    <info type="Circulation Actions" href="<patron_id>/circulationActions?patron_homedb=1@<db_key>"/>
    <info type="Patron Information" href="<patron_id>/patronInformation?patron_homedb=1@<db_key>"/>
    <info type="Records" href="<patron_id>/records?patron_homedb=1@<db_key>"/>
    <institution id="LOCAL">
    <instName>Columbia University Libraries</instName>


    Patron API uses VXWS setting for LOCAL database in System Administration.


    1. Navigate to VXWS setting: System Administration > Search > Database Definitions > LOCAL > Edit > Definitions tab > VXWS.
    2. Edit Addr: field to hold the IP or hostname you want vxws to return for API calls.
    3. Click Save.

    Please note that Voyager Support has a very limited ability to assist with the Voyager APIs.  We can help identify the APIs that might be useful to you, and provide basic troubleshooting aid.  Voyager-L and Developer Network  are useful resources for obtaining additional assistance.

    • Article last edited: 08-Oct-2013
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