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    Voyager Bulk Export will not process line if it does not end with a \n ("line feed" in unix or "carriage return" in Windows)

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



     If line in file of record IDs does not end with \n ("carriage return" in Windows; "line feed" or "newline" in unix) the line will not be processed by Bulk Export but no error will be generated.

    Defect Status

    Issue VYG-7531 is currently in Development.

    Replication Steps

    1. on your PC create using Notepad a file with a single BIB ID at the top (like 1000) and do not hit carriage return at the end. Just save it as it is.
    2. upload that file as part of a WebAdmin MARC Export job that uses BIB ID.
    3. note log file will say job ran successfully but 0 records were exported. export file will be 0 bytes.

    Example of log:

    [VGER] voyager@xxxxxxxxx : rpt/ $ more log.exp.20200922.1203

    Record Type:      BIB
    Export Mode:      MARC ID Input File
    Export Target:    /m1/voyager/tmp/cgipost-3bb812023c26cf62acc7fa2eb121d9b9-25066.tmp
    Output File Name: /m1/voyager/xxxdb/rpt/marc.exp.20200922.1203

    Tue Sep 22 12:03:33 2020 EXPORTING...
    Tue Sep 22 12:03:33 2020 ...COMPLETED

    Records written to Output File:  0

    [VGER] voyager@xxxxxxxx : rpt/ $


    Make sure in your files that your last line has a carriage return in notepad or whatever software you use to create it.



    • Article last edited: 22-Sept-2020