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    WebAdmin: BulkImport email not always including log file

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.2



    • Some BulkImport jobs submitted via WebAdmin include log file in body of message when completed.
    • Other BulkImport jobs send "No log file available" message when job completes

    Defect status

    VYG-5045 is resolved for Voyager 9.1.0 and higher.

    To allow large logs to be sent by email, install the uuencode package using the operating systems's package installer.

    Replication steps

    1. Submit a bulk import job via WebAdmin that will produce a log file with size > 10000. In Support environment, 50 records with rule to create bib/mfhd/item produced requisite file size; number of records will vary based on rule & messages that are logged for records.
    2. Note that when the email arrives, instead of an attached .zip with the log file, the message says "No log file available" - though a log file was generated and can be viewed in WebAdmin > Report Files.
    3. Log files < 10000 include the log file in the body of the message, as expected.


    View log file in WebAdmin > Report Files.


    • Article last edited: 09-Mar-2015
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