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    What are the steps for running Fiscal Period Close in Voyager?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: all
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare


    What are the steps for running Fiscal Period Close in Voyager?


    NOTE: The steps below assume you have done all of the recommended prep work prior to running the FPC (such as running the Open Orders report and reviewing which line items are eligible for rollover and which should be closed out in the current fiscal year, etc.)

    1. Create a new Fiscal Period in System Administration>Acquisitions>Fiscal Period (NOTE: the dates of the two Fiscal Periods can overlap, but the new Fiscal Period has to have a start date that occurs after the start date of the current Fiscal Period, or you won't be able to select the current Fiscal Period in step 2b)
    2. Create and configure new Rollover Rule in the Acquisitions client
        a. Give the rule a name
        b. Choose the current Fiscal Period and the new Fiscal Period that will govern the new ledger(s)
        c. Choose the appropriate option for the original allocation for the new ledger in the 'Initialize With' section
        d. Check the 'Copy Ledger and Fund Notes' box if you want all notes from the current ledger/funds applied to the new ledger/funds
        e. Under Rule, select each PO type you want to have eligible for rollover, and check off which Line Item types should be eligible for that PO Type, as well as add a % if you wish to increase the commitment for that line item during the rollover
        f. Save the Rule
        g. Click View Ledgers (in Rule section, below all PO types) to specify which ledger(s) should be rolled over using this Rule; to select a ledger click on it in the bottom 'Ledgers for Fiscal Period' section and click OK to move it into the upper section
        h. Click into the 'New Ledger Name' box and start typing to enter the name of the new ledger (NOTE: you won't see a cursor; just begin typing and you'll see the characters as you enter them)
        i. Click Save Ledgers when you've added all ledgers you wish to roll using this Rule
        j. Check the 'Apply rule during next run of Fiscal Period Close' box and Save the Rule
    3. Exit out of Acquisitions and ensure that all other operators are also out of Acquisitions (see How to restrict Acquisitions access during FPC)
    4. Run the FPC jobs on the server (if you have a split server configuration, run on the database server)
        a. Log in as the voyager user
        b. cd /m1/voyager/yyydb/sbin
        c. Archive off the tables updated during FPC (this file will be stored in /m1/voyager/yyydb/dump):  Pfpc_save
        d. Run the rollover: 
            i. To run without reports:  Pfpc_run
            ii. To run with reports, specify desired report:  Pfpc_run -ro -rf -rr (where -ro = Open Orders, -rf = Fund Snapshot, -rr = Rollover Status)
    5. Check the acqjob.log in /m1/voyager/yyydb/rpt to see if there are any errors reported
    6. Any reports generated during 3.d)ii. will be created in /m1/voyager/yyydb/rpt; review to make sure the results are as expected
    7. Re-enable Acquisitions and allow selected staff to open the client and review ledger/funds/line items
    8. When comfortable, let all staff resume work in Acquisitions



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