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    What to expect during a Voyager migration?

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare


    What are the typical steps that occur in a migration (server move) when Voyager copy/install (migration) is done by Ex Libris?


    Once schedule is confirmed

    Provision an environment compliant with the requirements for the Voyager version that will be installed/upgrade in the new environment.  Your IT will install the base OS and set up the environment on the new server to the point that we can log in.  Root access is required.  This should be completed by IT at least two weeks before the scheduled server move.

    For hardware and software (including OS) requirements, see Installation and Upgrade Requirements.pdf for your version under Voyager > Implementation Guides > [version]

    10-14 business days prior to migration start

    Engineer connects to server, runs pre-checks.

    Day of migration
    1. Around 9-10 am Chicago time1, Ex Libris engineer connects to target server and downloads latest version of VIK.
    2. Source server databases are set to read-only mode. Offline charge is available at this time.
    3. Voyager files, third party software files, voyager and oracle home directories copied from Source to Target server.
    4. Databases exported and transferred to Target server. 
    5. Target server configured for Voyager environment.
    6. Third party software (apache, tomcat, perl, etc) and Oracle installed on Target server.
    7. Exported database files imported to Target server.
    8. Voyager software installed and configured.
    9. A full index regen is started on server and may take a few hours.
    10. After regens are complete, post-install steps (copy crontab, password hashes, etc.) are completed and test queries are run.
    11. Any errors returned by test queries are resolved.
    12. Customer is notified and can begin testing after successful test queries.

    1Work initiated from a different time zone may begin earlier or later. Verify with your engineer prior to the start of work.

    Additional Information

    When you move to new server hardware, details such as the server's IP address, hostname, firewall rules, etc., may change.

    You may need to change the configuration settings in your staff workstations' voyager.ini files, tnsnames.ora files, and any links to the OPAC from web pages.  

    See Resources and FAQs for Voyager Server Migrations for further information.

    • Article last edited: 30-May-2020
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