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    Apple Developer Program and iTunes Connect Account Access

    Ex Libris requires access to your Apple Developer program and iTunes Connect account in order for us to release the campusM apps on your behalf to the iOS app store.

    Apple Developer Program

    If you are not already enrolled on the Apple Developer program, see Enrolling on the Apple Developer Program below. Otherwise, see Providing Ex Libris with Acess to Your iOS Developer Account for instructions on providing campusM with access to an existing iOS Developer account.

    Enrolling on the Apple Developer Program

    Follow instructions and guidelines as per the iOS developer site:
    Ensure that you enroll for the Apple Developer Program. After you enroll in the iOS developer program, provide Ex Libris with access to your new iOS Developer account.
    If you have an existing iOS Developer account where the vendor name is your institution’s name e.g. ‘University of Northernshire’, you will NOT be able to create an additional iOS Developer account under the same name. You must use your original developer account if you would like to submit apps against your institution’s name. Once the vendor name for the iOS developer account has been set it cannot be changed.

    Providing Ex Libris with Access to Your iOS Developer Account

    Ex Libris requires access to your iOS Developer account in order to be able to create the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles necessary for us to distribute your iOS app on the store.
    NoteEnterprise accounts are for distributing internal apps only, not apps to be published on the store for wide distribution. As such, customers with Enterprise accounts should provide Ex Libris with a regular account for general store distribution.
    1. Visit and log in to your institution account.
    2. Select People
    1. Select Invite People
    1. Under Invite as Admins, please use this email address of the campusM regional user.  Note: prior to April 2018, the campusM store user email was the same for all regions: Customers who previously added that non-regional specific campusM user email do not need to change to a regional one, however, Ex Libris' recommendation is to utilize the regional campusM mail moving forward.
      Region campusM Store Authorized User (Email)
    1. Click Invite
    For questions about the required permissions then please see our related FAQ.

    iTunes Connect Account

    Ex Libris manages the process of creating and submitting your iOS Application using your iTunes Connect account. If you do not have an existing iTunes Connect Account, see the Setting up a new iTunes Connect account below. Otherwise, for information on providing campusM with access to an existing iTunes Connect account, see Providing Ex Libris Access to Your iTunes Connect Account.

    Setting Up a New iTunes Connect Account

    Follow instructions and guidelines as per the iTunes Connect site:
    Once you have set up your iTunes Connect account you will need to provide the Ex Libris team with access.

    Providing Ex Libris Access to Your iTunes Connect Account

    In order for the Ex Libris team to be able to submit and update your iOS application we also require access to your iTunes Connect account. This can be done by adding the Ex Libris team as a new user to your iTunes connect account via Manage Users within the iTunes Connect Portal.
    1. Invite users to your developer account from within the Member Centre > People > Invitations. Login at
    2. Navigate to Users and Roles

    iTunes Connect Users and Roles

    1. Click the + button next to Users
    iTunes Connect - Add User
    1. Enter the following information into corresponding fields:
    1. Click Next
    2. Under Roles, select App Manager for all apps
    3. Click Next
    4. Set the Notifications settings as follows:
    1. Click Save and wait.
    Information about the iOS Developer Program Roles can be found here.

    Creating Beta Releases

    This section only applies to organizations new to campusM whose apps are not yet live on the app store.
    In order to provide you with beta releases, the Ex Libris team needs to generate a provisioning profile from your iOS Developer portal. We use HockeyApp to distribute iOS beta releases, which requires your provisioning profile. Without access to your Developer portal the campusM team cannot provide you with beta releases.
    Before we create a beta release, we need at least one member of your team to initially send an invite as a tester of the release. For information on creating an account and registering devices, see iOS HockeyApp Beta Testers.
    HockeyApp includes a feature that one tester can be created with Developer privileges, which will allow you to find out who is testing the apps and add/remove testers if necessary. Please contact your Technical Account Manager if you would like to do this.
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