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    How to set up the App Store and Google Play accounts access?

    • Product: campusM


    What are the steps I need to take to set up my App Store and Google Play accounts and how do I enable Ex Libris access to these?
    Are there any changes in policy to the existing App Store and Google Play accounts maintained by Ex Libris?


    As part of our ongoing improvements to the campusM deployment methodology, we will be utilizing a new campusM email address in your App Store and Google Play accounts as well as requiring institutions to have their own accounts in those stores.

    The changes will streamline internal processes and provide you with the following benefits, as the deploying app owner:

    1. Brand recognition: when finding the app on the stores, the institution name will be recognized and other apps under your name can be linked to the same account
    2. Stats: the app stores allow you to view statistics about your app, including downloads and more
    3. Feedback responses: with iOS 10.3, as well as on Google Play, you will be able to respond to comments about the app

    To enable this, please complete the following steps:

    1. Subscribe to the relevant stores (can be skipped if  the institution already has an active  user):
    2. Provide Ex Libris with your account details as described here. Please make sure to add the regional campusM store email (based on the table below) as the authorized user in both stores. Note: prior to April 2018, the campusM store user email was the same for all regions: Customers who previously added that non-regional specific campusM user email do not need to change to a regional one, however, Ex Libris' recommendation is to utilize the regional campusM mail moving forward.
      Region campusM Store Authorized User (Email)
    3. Contact Ex Libris at your regional campusM Store email (in the table noted above) for confirmation

    Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the transferral of Apple and Google account hosted by Ex Libris to a customers own account

    • Article last edited: 11-Sep-2017
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