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    Working with Creative Studio

    For more information about Library Mobile and static services, see the Library Mobile Overview.

    For more information, watch Library Mobile App Branding. (3:58)


    Library Mobile Creative Studio enables you to create and configure static services for your end-user applications. Creative Studio's rich but simple user interface enables you to design content and information pages on various topics in minutes. You use a simple drag-and-drop interface and out-of-the-box templates to ensure that creating, designing, editing, and publishing pages is intuitive and speedy.

    The WYSIWYG interface enables non-technical content creators to manage relevant and permitted materials. Advanced features, such as CSS, code injections, and more, ensure that technical-capable staff is able to use the environment to its full extent.

    • After making changes to a service, the end-user sees the changes if he or she logs out and in to the app or switches profiles. You can force these changes to appear immediately to end-users by publishing the app. See Publishing Apps.
    • See Working with Static Content and the Content Menu for an alternate method of configuring static services.
    • Before configuring a service, you may want to configure the profile and app default configurations for services. Any service property not defined for a specific service inherits its value from the profile default. Any service property not defined for a profile inherits its value from the app default. See Configuring Default Service Properties and Managing Profile Defaults for Services.

    Accessing Creative Studio

    You can access Creative Studio from the App Manager homepage (Creative Studio). Additionally, you can access Creative Studio directly at the URL: https://<App Manager URL>/creative-studio.

    Creative Studio User Interface

    The Creative Studio user interface is divided into several areas, as shown in the screenshot below.


    The main areas are as follows (from left to right):

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