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    360 Core: Including Your Library's Print, Individual e-Journal, e-Book, and OPAC Holdings in a Library-Specific-Holdings Database

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center

    Can I include my library's print holdings and individual e-journal and e-book titles in our Ex Libris products?

    Many libraries choose to integrate their print holdings and individual titles into their 360 services so that their holdings are available to patrons in the E-Journal Portal, 360 Link, and Summon, for example. This provides a comprehensive list of every title available at that institution.

    A library-specific holdings database, which is also called "locally managed holdings" and "library-managed holdings" (LMH), can contain any of the following:

    • Titles from your online catalog (OPAC), including:

      • Monographs
      • Individual print Journal and e-Journal titles
      • Individual e-Book titles
    • Any other titles or databases that Ex Libris does not yet include in its 360 KB authoritative system.

    You can have as many different library-specific holdings databases as you like.


    • If your library subscribes to Summon or 360 Link, read about some issues that can arise when using library-specific holdings databases.

    • If your library subscribes to 360 Search, Library Specific Holdings (LSH) databases will not appear in your database lists.

    For information on how to create your own library-specific holdings database and to add titles to it, see the following pages, respectively:

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 21-Feb-2022