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    360 KB: Zero-Titles Databases

    • Product: 360 KB

    Why are there databases in Intota and the Client Center with no titles?

    ProQuest's Knowledgebase tracks cover-to-cover, full-text databases. In many cases, a particular ProQuest service's functionality depends on the status of a database in your library's Intota or Client Center profile. ProQuest has created zero-title databases as place-holders for databases that are not traditionally tracked in the Knowledgebase (for example, abstract and indexing [A&I] databases, and databases with incomplete full-text coverage).

    These databases are only available to libraries with a subscription to 360 Search, 360 Resource Manager, 360 Counter, Intota Assessment, or Summon. Client Center libraries with a subscription to only 360 Core (or 360 Core and 360 Link) may add these databases as library-specific holdings databases.

    NOTE: These databases are not included in 360 Link or 360 MARC. If you select Display In: 360 Core on the Database Details page of a zero-title database, the database will appear in the E-Journal Portal, but only as a link in the database list.


    These zero-title databases have different effects on the functionality of the various services:


    360 Counter, Intota Assessment and 360 Resource Manager

    You may want to include various kinds of resources in your management tool in order to keep track of contact, license, cost information, and so forth. To accommodate this need, ProQuest can add zero-title databases for those resources that are not cover-to-cover, full-text databases, upon your request.


    360 Search

    To include a federated-search connection to a database that is not cover-to-cover full text, add a zero-title database in Data Management.



    When a patron runs a search in your library's Summon page, that query checks against the Client Center/Intota to determine whether your library has rights to a resource before a citation from that resource is displayed on the Summon Results page. To show that you have rights to a resource, you must have that resource "turned on" (Subscribed) in your Client Center/Intota profile. For that reason, there are many zero-title databases in the Client Center/Intota for resources that are not cover-to-cover, full-text databases, such as the following:

    • Institutional repositories (IR) and catalog content;
    • A&I resources that you want to link to in search results and in the Database Recommendation feature; and
    • Resources of a content type that ProQuest cannot track in the Knowledgebase but that provide access to resources in Summon (for example, Naxos databases, ERIC government content, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, and so on).

    NOTE: There are a number of zero-title resources available in the Knowledgebase for which no content is available in Summon yet. Content metadata must first be indexed in Summon in order for results to be available in to your users. ProQuest works with such content providers to reach mutual agreements that allow us to proceed with indexing, and there are many cases in which the agreements are still pending. See more on content available in Summon.


    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
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