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    360 Resource Manager and 360 Counter: Cost Data Upload for Innovative Interfaces (III) Millennium

    • Product: 360 Counter

    How does 360 Resource Manager Cost Data Upload work in tandem with acquisition information from III Millennium ILS?

    The documents linked below describe the workflow used by a current Serials Solutions client, University of Saint Thomas, that streamlines the process for data exchange between the Innovative Interfaces (III) Millennium ILS and the 360 Resource Manager/360 Counter upload tool:

    Upload Database Cost Information from III Millennium to 360 Resource Manager
    Upload Journal Cost Information from III Millennium to 360 Resource Manager
    There are a few things to know about the templates:
    • There is "placeholder" data in the first few lines of the "orig output" worksheet in each file, and that is intentional.

    • The fields in each template are slightly different.

    • You'll see that the workbook has a page of "notes" that explains how it is all set up.

    • The template helps to format and add together multiple payments over a given time span. This is one of the most frustrating things about Innovative, trying to extract a single payment for a timespan. While Serials Solutions allows you to add multiple payments, in reality that would require loading payments many times over the course of a year. And because this process is still pretty tedious, you don't want to do it often.

    • This template is a good tool for any Innovative customer. It explains how the formula works (on the notes page) and can be adapted should the library want to bring over more or fewer data fields. While it is set to add up just five payments, it could easily be adapted to total more than five.

    • This overview was generously contributed by a member of the library community, and we hope it is of use to fellow users. Serials Solutions has not tested nor developed specific functionality to support this data exchange and cannot guarantee the efficacy of this approach at your library.
    More explanation about how to prepare for using this process can be found in the Cost Acquisitions Data Import documentation.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 21-Feb-2014
    • Old Article Number: 7321