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    360 Link: Referring Sources FAQ

    • Product: 360 Link

    How does 360 Link work with Referring Sources?

    This document contains answers to common questions about Referring Sources and 360 Link.
    How do we know if 360 Link can be set up in a Referring Source?
    Please contact us using the Support Portal option. We will then investigate and respond to you with our findings.
    When we are in a Referring Source database, why are there links to 360 Link next to citations or articles that have the full-text available?
    The placement of the 360 Link icon or hyperlink is up to each Referring Source. Some will only place links to 360 Link next to citations that they do not have the full-text for, but most place a link next to all of their citations. You will need to ask the database provider when 360 Link links will appear and if it's possible to turn off linking to citations where they have the full-text available.
    Why does a link to 360 Link always appear in our Referring Sources, even when our library does not have access to that article?
    Once you enable a link resolver on a Referring Source, the link or button will always display. Depending on the Referring Source, there is usually no way to selectively turn it on or off. One of the key benefits of having the link or button display is that the patron knows within seconds if the desired article is available anywhere in their library's knowledgebase. When the article is not available, the Custom Links section gives them options for finding the full text of the article. Libraries are encouraged to configure or customize the 360 Link display screen so that the patron will have every possible option for finding the desired article. Please see the Custom Links section in the 360 Link Customization Form Part I for instructions on how to do this.
    We reviewed the Referring Source Setup Guide and some of our databases were not included. Does this mean they do not support outbound linking?
    No. The Referring Source Setup Guide is a resource based on information we have received either directly from the Referring Source or from other libraries. If there's a database that you want to set up that you don't see on this list, you will need to contact the content provider to see if they support outbound OpenURL linking. If you learn of a new setup process or discover something different from what's reflected in the Referring Source Setup Guide, please notify us (through the Support Portal option) so that we can add it to the guide. Should you need assistance with this process, feel free to send a request to Library Support. We'll work with you to find out if the provider supports outbound linking and what steps are involved in activating it.
    The size of the window that opens when we click on a 360 Link icon from a particular Referring Source is much too small. Can you resize the window?
    Unfortunately that is not controlled by us, but that Referring Source might be able to accommodate your request. Contact their technical support and ask if the screen size can be modified.
    Does PubMed support Referring Source linking with 360 Link?
    Yes, PubMed supports several modes of linking with 360 Link. Read about the different options on the NCBI OpenURL FAQ. When you've decided which mode to use, use the instructions for either the Outside Tool or LinkOut.
    What logos or buttons can we put on referring source pages to link to 360 Link?
    Which referring sources have been used by our patrons, and how many times have they been used? (Added Sep. 21, 2012)
    See the 360 Link Usage Statistics reports.

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