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    Our library offices are now closed. Is there a way of accessing  Aleph remotely?

    Aleph GUI access can be controlled by the $alephe_tab/server_ip_allowed.  You could (temporarily) change the "P" (PC server) line in server_ip_allowed to allow access from additional IP addresses.  Note that the ./xxx50/tab/tab_attr_sub_library also controls certain circulation functions via ip-addresses and may, similarly, need to be changed.


    We can't access the CAT or ACQ clients through the Cloud. If we load the clients onto a personal laptop, can Ex Libris open access so people can connect using their personal ISP?

    Clients can be run over a campus VPN.  Talk with your I.T. staff about the kind of VPN used on campus, and if it provides fixed IPs or an IP range for computers.  Fixed IP addresses are required for the server firewall rules in the Ex Libris Cloud environment. Also discuss capacity with I.T. staff to make sure the VPN can handle an increased load. If a campus VPN is not available, talk to I.T. staff about using Windows Remote Desktop to access the Voyager clients.

    Access to hosted Voyager servers for running the clients and/or connecting via SSH/SFTP is restricted to specific institutional or campus IP addresses. These campus IP addresses are white-listed in the Ex Libris hosted server firewall.  All other addresses are blocked from access to keep your system and library information secure.

    You should contact your local/campus I.T. Department for additional help in accessing Voyager remotely.

    Links to additional information can be found in the Ex Libris Knowledge Center: Basic information on running the Voyager clients on a hosted server from off-campus.

    Our member libraries are inundating us with requests to bulk renew or bulk update the due dates of charged items to the end of their expected closures. Short of using macros, is there a way to do this? Can Ex Libris help with running operations on the Oracle tables?

    The Voyager Support team has compiled some articles containing advice to help you manage items on loan and communications with borrowers during this unprecedented crisis. Those tips are available in the Ex Libris Knowledge Center:

    Advice on contingency planning for Voyager services in case of campus shutdown and/or changes for telecommuting and Ensure materials due on days library is closed (Voyager calendar exception dates) do not come due on those days


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