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    Defining the mailserver in ARC

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 2

    Problem Symptoms:
    After changing the mailserver, the reports are not sent out to the recipients.


    For configuring an Email-Account in ARC please refer to the

    The configuration client can be started in ./cognos/bin/
    There you can check, whether the configuration in the Properties windows for SMTP mail server is correct.

    Please be check before activation of this configuration client
    - that JAVA is installed correctly
    - that the variable $JAVA_HOME is defined
    - that the terminal is capable of running JAVA applications

    A (changed) configuration will be saved to the file ./cognos/configuration/cogstartup.xml.

    Alternately you could consult this configuration file directly to check the configuration in the following section, default is "localhost:25".

    <!-- smtpMailServer: Specifies the host name and port of the mail server computer. -->
    <!-- Use the following syntax to specify the location of the mail server: host:port. The
    default SMTP port on most mail servers is 25. -->
    <crn:parameter name="smtpMailServer">
    <crn:value xsi:type="cfg:hostPort">localhost:25</crn:value>
    Please check also, whether your outgoing mailserver allows sending of anonymous emails or whether it requires a user or password. If it requires a user/password it will need also to be defined in the configuration as SMTP Account in the Cognos configuration, as described above.

    Category: ARC Configuration

    Subject: Mail Server

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013