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    Double-listing of locations on bib record

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    When a bib record is displayed in the OPAC, there are 2 lines for each location. This does not happen when I show the record in the GUI client.

    The item status and collection appear to be the only thing different so I'm wondering if I need to add expand_doc_bib_loc_1_c to sys01/tab/tab_expand in the WEB-FULL and WEB-FULL-1 sections?

    The abc01/tab/edit_doc_999.eng has these lines:

    ## PST## D LLocation Y L E W
    ## PST## D LLocation Y E G

    while the ./abc01/tab/tab_expand has these lines:

    WEB-FULL expand_doc_bib_psts
    WEB-FULL expand_doc_bib_psts_disp
    WEB-FULL-1 expand_doc_bib_psts
    WEB-FULL-1 expand_doc_bib_psts_disp
    GUI-DOC-D expand_doc_bib_loc_1_a
    GUI-DOC-D expand_doc_bib_loc_1_b
    GUI-DOC-D expand_doc_bib_loc_1_c
    GUI-DOC-D expand_doc_sort_loc_b
    GUI-DOC-D expand_doc_bib_loc_2_a
    GUI-DOC-D expand_doc_bib_loc_3_a
    GUI-DOC-D expand_doc_bib_loc_cleanup

    Note: The expand_doc_bib_loc_1_c is part of the expand_doc_bib_loc_n_x expands which build the PST field. It can *not* be used alone or in combination with the expand_doc_bib_psts expand.

    If you change the

    ## PST## D LLocation Y L E W


    ## PSTS# D LLocation Y L E W

    you should get just a single (PSTS) field for each, but the use of the PSTS is *not* recommended in version 16-up. (For one thing, it lacks indicator control.)

    I recommend leaving the edit_doc_999.eng as is and making the WEB-FULL and WEB-FULL-1 look like the GUI-DOC-D, that is:

    WEB-FULL expand_doc_bib_loc_1_a
    WEB-FULL expand_doc_bib_loc_1_b
    WEB-FULL expand_doc_bib_loc_1_c
    WEB-FULL expand_doc_sort_loc_b
    WEB-FULL expand_doc_bib_loc_2_a
    WEB-FULL expand_doc_bib_loc_3_a
    WEB-FULL expand_doc_bib_loc_cleanup

    Additional Information

    WEB-FULL , location

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013