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    E-payment via Aleph SIP2 Server

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20


    * while setting up the payment functionality with Aleph using SIP2 server the following questions came up
    - In order to use e-payment, which configuration is correct: tpl_extensions= N or Y
    - Is partial payment supported in Aleph?
    - Can you give me examples for communication between a SC machine and SIP2 server where cash transactions are paid?


    You may set tpl_extension = Y if the SC-machine you have supports the non-standard SIP2-fields BZ, EK, EI, EA, ER, EB, ET, EC, EN, EV and EF.

    For more information see section "2.1.1 Key to Operative Definitions", switch tpl_extensions in "How to Set Up a SIP2 Server for Self-Check Systems - 20.pdf".

    - If using tpl_extensions = Y, the SC-machine has to send a pair of fields BZ and EK per cash transaction that should be paid.

    - If your SC-machine is only supporting standard SIP-fields for E-Payment you need to define tpl_extensions = N.

    Please ask the vendor of your SC machine if in doubt which fields are supported by the machine.
    - Only with tpl_extensions = Y partial payment is supported. If you have tpl_extensions = N, only full payment is supported.

    Additional Information

    Note that tpl_extension must be set in [SIP]-section of ./xxx50/tab/tab_sip2.conf.
    See attachment for sample communication.


    "Credit-card payment by patrons in Aleph" ( ) is a comprehensive, more up-to-date article covering this topic.



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