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Finding z97 word from word number


How can we get the word text for a particular z97 word number?  For instance, the ue_01_word logs have "Update z98 from z980 : mmmnnnnnnnnn " where the "nnnnnnnnn" is the "word number".


The z97 is the Aleph Word index. Each word is, using the last-word-number counter in util g/2, assigned a word number.

util f/4 z97 key-3 can be used to get the word (text) associated with a particular word number.  For instance, for mmmnnnnnnnnn 019000760295, you could do the following:

util f/4:

 enter file name (or q to exit) z97
Load: /exlibris/aleph/u22_1/alephe/unicode/tab_character_conversion_line
Load: /exlibris/aleph/u22_1/alephe/unicode/unicode_to_word_gen
 new key = K, exit = Q, continue = RETURN
 key 1 = 1,  key 3 = 3
enter start word position nnnnnnnnn
-barn                          -000760295-000760295
-barnaby                       -000760296-000760296


Thus, the word associated with word number 000760295 is "barn".


Note:  If, conversely, you have a particular (text) word and want to see what documents are indexed for this word, consult the article " How to Check Certain Word Index Entries Using UTIL-F-4 ".  

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