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    How to add new sublibrary

    • Article Type: General

    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    Desired Outcome Goal:

    Table entries for new sublibrary are added successfully.


    1. Add the new sublibrary code to ./alephe/tab/tab_sub_library.lng

    2. Pick a code for an already existing sublibrary similar in function and then grep this code in the following directories:







    ./www_f_lng directories.

    3 Add the new sublibrary code to the tables located through the previous search in step 2.

    4. If the order in ./xxx01/tab_sub_lib_sort is “02”, the sublibrary must be listed in ./xxx01/tab_item_list_order.

    Additional Information

    1. The sublibrary can be included in many different tables and records, but the only table that a sublibrary *has* to be added to is ./alephe/tab//tab_sub_library.lng. What other tables and records a particular sublibrary is included in depends on the particular situation.

    2. If the library is using Primo, changes will also need to be made there.

    3. To see the different Oracle tables which include the sublibrary as a field, grep SUB-LIBRARY Z* in the ./alephm/source/copy/ directory.

    See also article Sublibrary not displaying in Web OPAC.


    • Article last edited: 06-April-2017