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    How to remove an ADM library

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    In a multi-ADM set-up, remove one or more of the yyy50 ADM libraries (and the associated yyy30 Course libraries) from Aleph.

    (If you are removing the ADM library as part of removing the Bib, Hol, etc., libraries for a particular institution or all institutions, see the article " Removing Aleph libraries (and sublibraries) ".


    1.  Backup/export the affected libraries.   You can do either: 
         * oracle_expdp_aleph_libs (as described in  the " Refreshing Test server data Using Oracle Data Pump " article) to back up all the libraries; or 
         * util a/19 (or oracle_expdp_current_library) to back up the yyy50 ADM, the yyy30 Course, the xxx60 HOL, and xxx01 libraries. 

    2. Run the ret-adm-01 Service for the yyy50 library to create a file with all the yyy50 item record keys, to be used as input to the item-11 Service

    3. Run the item-11 ("Delete Item Records") service, as described in the " How to run the item-11 Service " article.   

    4. Run the manage-92 ("Removing an ADM library") service. (manage-92 is in the Circ Services menu, but not the Cataloging Services.) There is extensive Help describing its functionality: "This service removes an ADM library from a library consortium. This includes the extraction and deletion of the removed ADM library's data. The extracted records are saved in files with a name such as zxxx.seqaa."

       Note:  Though the manage-92 Service has existed for many years, our records don't show much use of it.  We strongly suggest that you run it on your Test server before doing it on Production.   Also, it seems that it may not handle the HOL and Bib library connections as well as item-11.  (That's why we recommend running item-11 first.)  But manage-92 handles all the other ADM library records, which item-11 does not.  Please pass any information about your experience with manage-92 to .

    5.  Check if manage-92 has satisfactorily removed the yyy30 Course library records.  If not, then run manage-33 in the yyy30 Course library, as described in the article " Can manage-33 be run for a Course library? ".  

    6. Local patron records (z305's) are unique to the xxx50 ADM library, but the z303, z304, and z308 records are shared by all ADM's.  Consult the article " Preventing access by staff and patrons of ADM library to be removed ", having to do with deletion/preservation of patron records shared by multiple ADM libraries.

    See also the article " Removing Aleph libraries (and sublibraries) ".

    • Article last edited: 17-Apr-2018