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    Importing table "Z95" ... "invalid compressed data--format violated"; manage-01 super-slow

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    1. Despite the fact that the $aleph_proc/oracle_exp_current_lib for xxx01 {including export of the z95 (List of document words)} runs without error and produces a seemingly proper xxx01.exportSEQ.tar.gz file, a subsequent oracle_imp_current_lib job gets an "invalid compressed data--format violated" error on the z95 table in this tar.gz file. (See Additional Information below for complete text.)

    2. manage-01, run following this oracle_imp_current_lib to recreate the z95, z97, z98, and z980 (Words index tables) which were not loaded, runs extremely slowly (1 hour for each 1,000 records). The "top" command shows normal cpu usage and iowait%.


    Rerun manage-01 to see if a second run runs at a normal speed (roughly 6,000 records per minute) or if it is equally slow. If still slow, reboot the server.

    Additional Information

    Complete error section of oracle_exp_current_lib log:
    . . importing table "Z52" 20 rows imported
    . . importing table "Z69" 873841 rows imported
    . . importing table "Z73" 2496003 rows imported
    . . importing table "Z95"
    gunzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated

    illegal lob length marker 36748
    bytesread = 00000000000
    TABLE = Z95
    IMP-00098: INTERNAL ERROR: impgst2
    IMP-00018: partial import of previous table completed: 349023 rows imported
    IMP-00008: unrecognized statement in the export file:
    T?%!x"s??????)!x"???YdZu???$??????A ?V~?y?"UX?xx????Xa?t;??^?%?4?;?i?-

    IMP-00008: unrecognized statement in the export file:
    IMP-00008: unrecognized statement in the export file:


    • Article last edited: 4/16/2014