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    Max number of loans in tab16 ignored

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    Although we have defined loan limits in col.12 of tab16, these seem to be consistently ignored. Is there some other check that needs to be set?

    We don't apply global limits across sublibraries, a patron is limited to 10 items from the central library, 3 items from the audiovisual library, 5 items from music, etc. It's the individual limits at the sub-library that are being ignored, not a global limit. In tab_check circ I've got the following:

    16A 01 ## 01 + 00000021 00 A 2359 0000 00050 010 003 2 30.0000000 999
    16A 10 ## 01 + 00000007 00 A 2359 0000 00050 005 003 2 30.0000000 999

    Since you have no item status "99" lines, the effect of tab16 lines like those shown is that the patron can have 10 items with item status 01, 5 items with item status 10, etc.

    This is not what customers usually want. They (and, I suspect, you) want the patron to have only nnn items for sublibrary xxxx regardless of item status.

    Such a limit requires the use of item status "99" lines.

    (Note: Only loans with z36_status "A" (Active) are counted; Lost and Claims-returned loans are not counted.)

    Site found that there were no cases of the limit being exceeded for a particular item status. They will consider the use of item status "99" lines.

    Note: the use of the tab16 loan limit is not automatic; it must be "enabled" via the xxx50 tab_check_circ: check_circ_4_a, check_circ_4_b, check_circ_4_c, and check_circ_4_d.


    Additional Information:

    The check_circ_4_a program has this logic to determine whether a particular loan should be counted against the tab16, col. 12, total:

    IF Z36-STATUS = "A" AND 
      TAB16-PROCESS-STATUS = "##") 

    Thus, though col. 12 is specified at the Group-ID level, the check is done at the sublibrary level:  the program checks for nnn existing loans with the same sublibrary as the item whose loan is being attempted.


    • Article last edited: 31-Mar-2016