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    Reading Room Setup

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    How can we set up a Reading Room environment?

    1. SETUP:.
    (1.1) usm50/tab/tab_sub_library.eng (this line was there already):
    HILR 4 USM50 L Humanities Reading Room HIL HIL 17A HIL ALEPH.

    (1.2) $alephe_tab/tab_attr_sub_library (sublibrary code in lines 1,3,4,[5]), was setup for workstation READINGROOM
    4 HILR.
    5 HILR.

    (1.3) The workstation is defined in CIRC module. For example, right-click on the lower-left corner key, and choose "Set Station Identification" as READINGROOM.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Set a separate workstation for the loan and return of Reading Room items, otherwise ALL loans will be assigned to the Reading Room..

    (1.4) usm50/tab/tab15.eng. Dedicated item status 55 has 'Y' for loan rights (this is because the item is semi-loaned to the user, creating Z310 - one does not have to really Loan it, this is not a necessary part of the workflow) and 'C' in col. 8 (hold requests always allowed, closed stacks)):
    HIL 55 ; L Manuscripts - Rare Collection Y N C Y Y N N Y Y 00.

    (1.5) usm50/tab/tab16 (allows for item status 55 to be requested):
    HIL 55 ; 09 + 00000007 00 A 2400 0000 00005 004 099 4 + 00000002 A 2400 002 0 02 03 10.00 (drop z301 or wait a day).

    (1.6) usm50/tab/tab37 (pickup sublibrary for hold request):
    HIL 55 ; ; # HILR.

    (1.7) usm50/tab/tab27 (defines one aspect of hold and ILL requests - whether the item is assigned to the "hold shelf" or immediately loaned when it becomes available):
    ;;# ; HILR# 04.

    (1.8) usm50/tab/tab31 (defining user privileges, for 'Research Fellows', allowing hold request - col. 8, also hold request for available item - col. 16, and permission for Reading Room - col. 18):
    ;;# 09 Y Y Y N Y Y Y N C + Y 00000001 0000000000 Y N Y 30.

    (1.9) usm50/tab/pc_tab_exp_field_extended.eng (definition of user 09):
    BOR-STATUS ;;# L Research Fellows 09;

    2. WORKFLOW: User places a hold request; Slips are printed (p_cir_12); a 'Letter' is sent when the item is found (Requests / Hold Requests / Print Letter - Hold Request Filled, ^L). The item is now seen as loaned, its sublibrary is changed to HILR (Humanities Reading Room). This is recorded in Z310. The user goes to the Reading Room desk, and shows the Library Card. The library staff reads it in the patron tab, and chooses the Reading Room node. It is then possible to click on 'RR', to indicate that the item is in the premises of the Reading Room, given at the hands of the patron - or 'Shelf', at end of day, when the item is put on a nearby protected shelf. When the patron has finished consulting this item, it is Returned (as a regular return). The item then restores to its original item sublibrary.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013