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"Letter Send Format" functionality when configuring Overdue and Lost Loan Profiles

  • Product: Alma


In the Lost Loan Notification profile setup there is an option at the very bottom of the profile called "letter send format" with options of MAIL, PRINT, BOTH. What exactly doe these options mean?


If "Both" is selected then the email will be sent (assuming a preferred email is present) AND a notice will be printed.


Selecting "Mail" will only generate an email notice. If there is no preferred email address, the notification will not be sent. It will not print if there is no preferred email address and the "Mail" option is selected. The job report will include a list of failed notifications and "no preferred email address" is a recorded error.



Additional Information

More about how to configure the Overdue and Lost Loan Profiles see the Online Help.


Note a new option exists, as of the August 2016 release, to 'bcc' letters. It is explained here.




  • Article last edited: 19-SEP-2016