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    Add Statistical Categories via SIS

    • Product: Alma


    Is it possible to add a Statistical Category directly through the User Integrated Profile (SIS, Users Loader)? The tables "Statistical Categories" and "Category Types" have an Import option, yet "Statistical Categories/Types" can be very large too. Can this table be updated in batch, or is there a way to bypass it? 


    To confirm the structure that should be added to XML, add the statistical category to a user. Then create a "Sample" from: 

    1. Configuration > General > Integration Profiles
    2. Click: Student Information System
    3. Select tab "Actions".
    4. Click: "Create Sample File". Search for your user, download the XML, then exit out of the dialog box.
    5. Cancel.

    For example, here are two Statistical Categories in the context of SIS XML:

    <user_statistic segment_type="External">
    <statistic_category desc="Music">music</statistic_category>
    <category_type desc="Major">MAJOR</category_type>
    <user_statistic segment_type="External">
    <statistic_category desc="Hiking">Hiking</statistic_category>
    <category_type desc="Major">MAJOR</category_type>

    Just make sure that if you have "Internal" in the XML sample, change it to "External".

    Additional Information

    Click "Steps to add Statistical Categories for Analytics" for a detailed article with links regarding Statistical Categories..

    Read more about SIS and the XML XSD in the Developers Network "Loading External Users from SIS into Alma"


    • Article last edited: 12-SEP-2018
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