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    Alma Fulfillment: Hold shelf period not behaving as expected

    • Product: Alma


    Our hold shelf period is not calculated as expected. Previously it did not consider closing days, now it seems to do.


    This is new from the June 2014 release. The hold shelf period now considers closing days. So if the item is placed on the hold shelf on a Friday, and Saturday and Sunday are defined as closing days, and the hold shelf period is "3 days", then the item will remain on the hold shelf until Wednesday (before June 2014 release: until Monday).

    Additional Information

    Another common reason for unexpected behaviour of the hold shelf period calculation is that the period is defined in the TOU as well as in the circulation desk. See the article Hold Shelf Period is defined in Request TOU but ignored for more information.


    • Article last edited: 16 September 2016