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    Cleanup or ongoing maintenance of an Electronic Collection using Excel file

    • Product: Alma


    A collection (e.g. EBSCOhost eBooks) needs to be cleaned up - obsolete portfolios should be removed, and new titles added.

    That can be as an ongoing attempt to remove or add new portfolios, or, as a cleanup project post migration.


    Especially as first step after migration, the circumstances of each customer can be different, as decisions regarding P2E, and earlier modes of operations - can be very individual to each library.

    Consider open a ticket (case) with support or Professional Services (depending on the implementation stage), to confirm the approach.

    If possible, test on Sandbox first.


    Should the library have an Excel spreadsheet with valid ISBN numbers from the vendor, consider these options:

    1. Post migration, it is usually recommended to upload a file with list of ISBNs in a "Complete" mode.  

    For example, uplaoding a file with your list of resources in a "Complete, Delete" portfolios option keeps only the portfolios indicated in the list, while deleting everything that's not in the list.

    1. As ongoing efforts, it is usually recommended to upload a file with list of ISBNs in an "Incremental" mode. 

    For example, uploading a file with your list of new resources can be done with options "Incremental, Add New". Uploading a file with list of portfolios to be deleted can be done with options "Incremental, Delete", then decide if to suppress or delete the bibliographic records.

    Additional Information

    More information on the uploading process and "Complete" versus "Incremental" methods: Managing Electronic Resources

    Information on how the file needs to be constructed: The Bulk Portfolio Information File

    Background and more ideas for further types of cleanup post migration: "E-resource has Physical Version at Electronic Location after P2E process but needs to be removed"


    • Article last edited: 30-Dec-2016