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    Configuring CCC Get It Now in Alma

    Goal: Enable the ability to order articles on demand in Primo from Copyright Clearance Center through the CCC Get It Now service.

    To activate CCC Get It Now electronic collections:
    1. In the Community tab, perform a repository search for electronic collections that contain CCC Get It Now.

    2. In the results, click the Activate link for the collection to activate.

    3. On the Activation Wizard: Electronic Collection and Services Setup page (Step 1), configure the local
    electronic configuration information and full-text service parameters and click Next.
    a. Verify Description includes the CCC Get It Now link.
    b. Sample: CopyrightClearanceCenter delivery of fulltext for content the library doesn't subscribe to.
    Only available to US institutions with agreement with CCC. For more information, please see here.

    4. On the Activation Wizard: Linking Information page (Step 2), configure the linking parameters as required by
    CCC Get It Now service and click Next.
    a. Mail and Bill are email addresses which will match
    b. INST and Source are codes which will match
    c. Add proxy if appropriate

    5. On the Activation Wizard: Select Activation Method page (Step 3), specify the activation method (activate all,
    manual, etc.) and click Next.
    Note: This should include all titles from which patrons can order articles.

    6. On the Activation Wizard: Activation Summary page (Step 4), review activation selections and click Activate.

    CCC Get It Now Appears in Primo on all article records.

    *Expanded instructions/added option in attached
    *Obtain the following parameters from CCC:
    • Mail – email address
    • Bill – email address (usually same as Mail)
    • INST – code for institution
    • Source – code for institution (usually same as INST)
    • ID – blank if institution uses parameters from CCC

    Additional Information

    Display Condition Rules

    Attached file (expanded instructions/added option in attached)


    • Article last edited: 4/17/2023