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    DELETE BIB privilege

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    The "DELETE_BIB" privilege was newly introduced in the May 2016 release. What is the background of this new privilege?


    With the September 2015 release, the following resolved issue was noted under Resource Management: You can now delete the bibliographic record from the manual Withdraw Item pop-up (if no items remain). Note that this functionality already existed in the Withdraw Items job.

    A few customers were concerned about this change, specifically that any staff member with one of the below-mentioned roles can now delete bibliographic records. They wanted some operators to be able to delete inventory, but not have the ability to delete bibliographic records.

    What we have done in the May 2016 release is we have added a new privilege to a couple of roles in the system. The privilege name is DELETE_BIB. Roles that have this privilege will see the option of "delete bibliographic record" when they are deleting the last item.

    This role was added so as not to create disturbances or regressions for other institutions that are satisfied with the fact that "Physical Inventory Operator Extended", for example, can delete bibliographic records. So this privilege will be active in all institutions and can be disabled at the institution's request.

    Additional Information

    The following roles have this privilege: Catalog Administrator, Catalog Manager, Cataloger, Cataloger Extended, Collection Inventory Operator, Collection Inventory Operator Extended, Digital Inventory Operator, Digital Inventory Operator Extended, Electronic Inventory Operator, Electronic Inventory Operator Extended, Physical Inventory Operator, Physical Inventory Operator Extended, Purchasing Manager, Purchasing Operator, Receiving Operator, Receiving Operator Limited, Repository Administrator, Repository Manager, Trial Manager, Trial Operator.


    In order to deactivate it for one of these roles, please contact your support team.




    • Article last edited: 23-March-2017
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