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    EDI POL Sample File - how to create it?

    • Product: Alma




    How to produce an EDI POL sample file (e.g. to send to a vendor during setup)?


    An EDI order / POL file is created by setting up the vendor for EDI ordering, adding an order (POL), and sending it.

    More in detail:

    1. In the Vendor "EDI Information" tab find the section for "Vendor EDI Attributes" and click: Outgoing - POs.

    2. On the same page, configure S/FTP Connection. Click "Test FTP" to ensure connection.

    3. Create an order (PO Line) as you typically would for this vendor (e.g. Print Book - One Time).

    To the best of support team's knowledge, the Acquisition Type should be: Purchase.

    4. Click on the POL: "Save and Continue".

    5. In the Vendor "EDI Information" tab > Job Scheduling" node, click: "Run Now".

    The POL file should appear now on the FTP server.

    Additional Information

    All aspects for "Configuring EDI for a Vendor" are explained in the Online Help, click here.

    All technical aspects for "EDI Integration with Alma" are explained in the Developers Network, click here.



    • Article last edited: 19-JAN-2018