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    Emails from Alma such as letters, printouts are not received, checklist


    What to check if emails are sent from Alma but do not arrive? For example, clicking "Print Slip" for a request is sent successfully, but nothing prints to the printer. In some other situations, letters from Alma do not arrive at the receiver (for example, overdue notices, activity reports). We suspect they are considered as spam.


    This is an evolving topic.

    1. Ensure a "Mail Handling" Integration Profile is set up. If not, create it. Go to: Configuration > General > Integration Profiles > Mail Handling.
      1. See this new blog from January 2024: "Outgoing emails configuration".  The blog contains recommendations for best practices.
      2. Note the section focusing on the option to “Send directly from Ex Libris”.  
      3. The blog discusses SPF, DKIM, and DMARC in Alma.
      4. An option for "Save and test" exists. It will let you see if issues still exist.
      5. Further technical explanations are found here: "How to prevent emails from Ex Libris products being marked as suspicious". 
    2. Match the "From Address" in the Mail Handling integration profile, with the Letters Configuration, and "addressFrom" Label.  Found at: Configuration > Letters > Letters Configuration. For example, if the Mail Handling uses, the letters should have an email as well. Further information is in the blog.
    3. Add the Ex Libris Mail Relay Gateways server IPs to the allowed list in your server's domain. More is on the "Mail Relay Gateways" page.


    Other findings:

    1. Our experience with HP printers, at least in the past, was as follows: "Especially for HP Printers, if they keep the HP email addresses, these are on the HP IP networks.  Firewalls will need to be opened to include the HP IP addresses.".
    2. One Alma customer advised, when the "Loan Receipt" went into spam - what helped was to deselect the box for "Circulation Communication" in: Configuration > General > Add or Edit Library Information > Contact Information, under Email Addresses.


    Additional Information

    See more regarding:

    * New: "Outgoing Emails Configuration". This Blog discusses Gmail latest approach to handle spam; discusses SPF, DKIM, and DMARC in Alma Configuration and best practices for the Mail Handling Integration Profile configuration.

    "How to prevent emails from Ex Libris products being marked as suspicious".

    "Configuring the From and EnvelopeFrom Addresses for Outgoing Email"

    "Configuring Alma Letters"



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