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Exclude Acquisitions process status from publishing to OCLC


  • Product: Alma
  • Product Version: February 2015
  • Relevant for Installation Type: All




How to exclude the process type of Acquisitions in the OCLC publishing job?


Review your workflow to control the Publish to OCLC tag by using a Process which defines whether the bib will be published or not. 

Incorporate the process(es) in the bib life-cycle, for example during original cataloging, or import profiles.



How to add and control this process?


1. Go to: Resource Management Configuration Menu > Metadata Configuration > MARC21 Bibliographic 

2. Pick the Normalization Processes (tab) > modify (or add) a process called (for example) "Synchronize Bib records with external catalog" 

3. Check the "Task list" > review the processes, and "Add to Selection" the process "MmTagSyncExternal" 

4. In the "Task Parameters" tab decide how to treat "Synchronize with External Catalog" 

5. Add the above process to normalization rules used during original cataloging (e.g. "Marc21 Bib normalize on save"), or the import profiles.

6. In this case, ensure that the process doesn't publish to OCLC. The workflow which will confirm publishing to OCLC will reverse this action.


See related article, regarding publishing to OCLC via set:



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