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    Configuring Search

    You can configure the options available when searching and the available resources to search.

    Configuring What Search Indexes Are Available

    To configure what search indexes appear in the simple/advanced search, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Catalog Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    You can configure which indexes are available to select for a simple or advanced search (see Searching in Alma). You can configure whether an index is available for a simple search, advanced search, or both.
    Only simple, free-text indexes can be active for Simple Search, whereas complex, rigid, or fixed-value indexes, such as those that are defined in code tables, are supported only for Advanced Search.
    Local Index Configured
    To customize the labels (display text) of the search indexes for local fields, see Configuring Search Index Labels.
    Each locally customized MARC tag is indexed as a separate searchable field and all of its subfields are indexed and searchable when it is selected as a search option.
    You configure which search indexes appear on the Search Indexes mapping table (Configuration Menu > Resources > Search Configuration > Search Indexes). For more information about mapping tables, see Mapping Tables.
    Search Indexes Mapping Table Page
    To have Alma display/hide a search index in the simple search, enter true/false in the Simple Search column.
    To have Alma display/hide a search index in the advanced search, enter true/false in the Adv. Search column.
    There is no option to reorder the search indexes in the drop-down list. Instead, you can search for specific indexes in the drop-down list by entering part or all of the index label.
    The Index Codes to Search Index Labels Mapping table below maps the index codes in the Search Indexes mapping table to the index labels in Alma. For a list of the fields/subfields that are indexed for search, see Available Search Indexes.

    The Object TPS is a type of  "virtual layer" that enables the connection between the bibliographic record and the portfolio, the portfolio and the service, and the portfolio and the e-collection (and vice versa for each of these).

    Index Codes to Search Index Labels Mapping
    Index Codes Search Index Labels
    Note that after you save your search index settings, you need to log out and then log back in again to view the changes affected by these configurations.
    accessionNumber Accession Number
    accompanying_material Accompanying Material
    acquisition_note Acquisition Note
    action_note Action Note
    action_note_authorization Action Note Authorization
    action_note_note Action Note Note
    activateFrom Activate From
    activateTo Activate To
    additional_physical_form_available_note Additional physical form available notes
    aggregator Electronic Collection Type
    all_for_ui Keywords
    alterCallNumber Item call number
    alternate_complete_edition Edition
    alternativeCallNumberType Item call number type
    ar_policy AR policy name
    arrivalDate Receiving date


    Attributes of Person or Corporate



    auth_classification Classification
    auth_classification_caption Classification Caption
    auth_classification_caption_hierarchy Classification Caption Hierarchy
    auth_classification_chronological Chronological (Classification)
    auth_classification_corporate_name Corporate Name (Classification)
    auth_classification_geographic_name Geographic Name (Classification)
    auth_classification_meeting_name Meeting Name (Classification)
    auth_classification_names Names (Classification)
    auth_classification_number Classification Number
    auth_classification_personal_names Personal Names (Classification)
    auth_classification_scheme Classification Scheme
    auth_classification_subjects Subjects (Classification)
    auth_classification_uniform_title Uniform Title (Classification)
    auth_corporate_name Corporate Name
    auth_date Date
    auth_event_name Authorization Event Name
    auth_genre_form Authorization Genre Form
    auth_geographic_area_code Geographic Area Code
    auth_meeting_name Meeting Name
    auth_mms_createDate MMS Creation Date (Authorities)
    auth_mms_id MMS ID
    auth_mms_modificationDate MMS Modification Date (Authorities)
    auth_mms_originatingSystem Originating System
    auth_mms_sip_id MMS SIP ID (a number for a transitory set of records affected by a job)

    Since this is a "transitory" set, the number of records may change if the records become part of another job.


    Modifying Agency (Authorities)

    auth_name_title Name Title
    auth_names Names
    auth_notes Notes


    Original Cataloging Agency (Authorities)

    auth_other_system_number_035 Other System Number (for Authorities searches)
    auth_personal_name Personal Name
    auth_subject Subject


    Subject Category Code

    auth_uniform_title Uniform Title
    authority_id Authority Id
    authority_keywords Authority Keywords
    authority_vocabulary Authority Vocabulary
    available_for Available for
    available_for_group Available for group
    available_only_for Available only for
    available_only_for_group Available only for group
    barcode Barcode
    baseStatus Base status
    bib_level Bibliographic level
    binding_note Binding Note
    calis_control_number CALIS Control Number
    callNumberPrefix Call number prefix
    callNumberSuffix Call number suffix
    carrier_type_code Carrier type code (Title)
    carrier_type_term Carrier type term (Title)
    cartographic_mathematical_data Cartographic Mathematical Data


    Cataloging Conventions


    Cataloging Institution


    Cataloging Level (GND)



    category_of_material Material Type
    cdi_delivery CDI delivery
    chronologyI Chronology I
    chronologyJ Chronology J
    chronologyK Chronology K
    chronologyL Chronology L
    chronologyM Chronology M
    classification_part Classification part
    clc_class_number CLC Classification Number
    coded_cartographic_mathematical_data Coded Cartographic Mathematical Data


    Collection Available for group


    Collection Available only for group

    completeness Completeness
    content_related_data Content Related Data
    content_type_code Content type code
    content_type_term Content type term
    copyrightsId Copyright ID
    copyrights_note Copyright Note


    Corporate Name, Associated Group


    Country of publication
    New for December! The "Country of Publication" index enables to enter free text to search by non-standard country codes.

    This option is disabled by default. To configure it, set it to true. 


    Country of publication (New)
    The "Country of Publication (New)" index provides a predefined list of country names. The list represents the standard codes for MARC21 and UNIMARC.

    coverageInUse Coverage In Use
    creating_job_id Creating job ID
    creator Creator
    creator_contributor_term Creator contributor term
    creatorName Creator Name


    Crossref enabled


    Cultural Area 

    current_Library Current library
    current_Location Current location


    date_of_publication Additional Publication Year
    db_id Database ID
    dc_contributor dc:contributor
    dc_coverage dc:coverage
    dc_creator dc:creator
    dc_date dc:date
    dc_description dc:description
    dc_format dc:format
    dc_language dc:language
    dc_publisher dc:publisher
    dc_relation dc:relation
    dc_rights dc:rights
    dc_source dc:source
    dc_subject dc:subject
    dc_title dc:title
    dc_type dc:type
    degree_discipline Degree discipline
    degree_grantor Degree grantor
    degree_level Degree level
    degree_name Degree name
    deposit_id Deposit ID
    description Description
    dewey_decimal_class_number Dewey decimal class number
    digital_object_identifier DOI - Digital Object Identifier
    digitization_request_id Request ID


    Discipline and Approach
    elocation Electronic location and note
    encoding_level Encoding level


    Entity Code (GND)


    Entity Type (GND)
    enumerationA Enumeration A
    enumerationB Enumeration B
    enumerationC Enumeration C
    enumerationD Enumeration D
    enumerationE Enumeration E
    enumerationF Enumeration F
    enumerationG Enumeration G
    enumerationH Enumeration H
    esploro_asset_grantId Esploro asset grant ID
    esploro_asset_grantName Esploro asset grant name
    esploro_asset_person Under construction
    esploro_license_code Esploro license code
    esploro_relation_title Esploro relation title
    esploro_resource_subtype Esploro resource subtype
    esploro_resource_type Under construction
    event_date Event Date
    expectedArrivalDate Expected receiving date
    expectedReturnFromTempLocation Due back from temp location
    f561a Ownership and Custodial History


    Field of Activity

    file_fulltext Fulltext format
    file_label File Label
    file_pid File PID
    file_provenanceId File provenance ID
    fileExtension Extension
    fileSizeBytes Size (bytes)


    Form and Type

    format_of_notated_music Format of notated music
    fulfilment_note Fulfillment Note
    general_note Public note
    general_retention_policy General retention policy
    generalNote Public note
    genre_form Genre form


    Geographic Area Code


    Geographical Name


    Geographical Name, Associated Place 

    government_document_number Government Document Number
    granular_resource_type Granular Resource Type
    gti TBD
    has_inventory Has inventory


    Under construction.

    hol_control_number Control number (Holdings)
    hol_createDate Create date (Holdings)
    hol_modificationDate Modification Date (Holdings)
    hol_oclc_control_number_035_a OCLC Control Number 035 a (Holdings)
    hol_oclc_control_number_035_az OCLC Control Number 035 az (Holdings)
    hol_oclc_control_number_035_z OCLC Control Number 035 z (Holdings)
    hol_other_system_number_035_a Other system number 035 a (Holdings)
    hol_other_system_number_035_az Other system number 035 az (Holdings)
    hol_other_system_number_035_z Other system number 035 z (Holdings)
    hol_type_of_record Type of record (Holdings)
    hol_url URL (Holdings)
    hol_url_access_status URL access status (Holdings)
    hol_url_link_text URL text link (Holdings)
    hol_url_materials_specified URL materials specified (Holdings)
    hol_url_method URL method (Holdings)
    hol_url_non_public_note URL non public note (Holdings)
    hol_url_public_note URL public note (Holdings)
    holding_carrier_type_code Carrier type code (Holdings)
    holding_carrier_type_term Carrier type term (Holdings)
    holding_Library Library (Holdings)
    holding_media_type_code Media type code (Holdings)
    holding_media_type_term Media type term (Holdings)
    holding_Note Holding note
    holding_pid Holding PID
    holding_tagSuppressed Tag Suppressed (Holdings)
    identifier dc:identifier
    iec_external_system External System
    iec_external_system_id External System Id
    iec_label Collection Name
    iec_library Library
    iec_pid Collection PID
    ied_pid IE PID (Intellectual Entity)


    Collection Access Type


    Activation Date (Electronic Collection)

    iepa_authenticationNote Authentication Note
    iepa_cdi_fulltext_rights CDI Fulltext Rights (Electronic Collection)
    iepa_cdi_linking CDI Linking (Electronic Collection)
    iepa_cdi_newspaper_search CDI Newspaper Search (Electronic Collection)
    iepa_cdi_private CDI Private (Electronic Collection)
    iepa_cdi_provider_coverage CDI Provider Coverage (Electronic Collection)
    iepa_cdi_search_rights CDI Search Rights (Electronic Collection)
    iepa_cdi_type CDI Type (Electronic Collection)


    Contributed By (Electronic Collection)


    Use this index code to set your search options for the COUNTER Platform under electronic collections. See the following search results example:


    When you use the Advanced Search after setting iepa_counterPlatform, the search criteria drop-down list is populated with the list of platforms, like the list in the Electronic Collection Editor and the Electronic Portfolio Editor. See Managing Electronic Resources for more information.

    iepa_in_cdi in CDI (Electronic Collection)
    iepa_isFree is Free (Electronic Collection)


    Is Local (Electronic Collection)


    Language (Electronic Collection)

    iepa_Library Library
    iepa_pid Electronic Collection PID
    iepa_POLineID Collection PO Line ID
    iepa_proxyEnabled Proxy Enabled (Electronic Collection)
    iepa_selectiveIndication Selective Indiciation (Electronic Collection)
    iepa_suppressFromCdi Suppress For CDI (Electronic Collection)
    index_term_curriculum_objective Index term curriculum objective
    interfaceName Interface Name
    internal_note_1 Internal note 1
    internal_note_2 Internal note 2
    internal_note_3 Internal note 3
    internalDescription Internal Description
    inventoryDate Inventory date
    inventoryNumber Inventory number
    is_linked Is linked
    is_standalone Is Standalone
    isbn ISBN
    isFree Free
    isMagnetic Is Magnetic
    ismn Other Standard ID
    isni_identifier ISNI - International Standard Name Identifier
    issn ISSN
    issn_link ISSN link
    issue Issue
    issueYear Issue year
    item_createDate Creation Date (Title)
    item_description Item description
    item_modificationDate Modification Date (Physical Item)
    item_pid Item PID
    itemIssueDate Item Issue Date
    itemLibrary Item Library
    itemPhysicalLocation Item Physical Location
    itemPolicy Item policy
    itemPOLineID PO Line
    itemSequenceNumber Item sequence number
    language Language (Title)


    Language Code


    Language of Cataloging

    Use the Configuration icon configure_repostory_list_icon_ux.png in your search results table actions list to configure the Language of Cataloging to appear in the results list.

    las_class_number CAS Classification Number
    lastShelfReportDate Last Shelf Report Date
    lc_class_number LC Call Number
    lccn LC Control No.
    lccn_prefix LC Control No. Prefix
    lcsh Subjects (LC)
    lending_policy Lending Policy
    link_inst Linked Institution
    linkage_number Linkage Number
    linkingLevel Linking Level
    linkResolverPlugin Link Resolver Plugin
    local_authority_call_number_090 Local authority call number 090
    local_authority_call_number_091 Local authority call number 091
    local_authority_call_number_092 Local authority call number 092
    local_authority_call_number_093 Local authority call number 093
    local_authority_call_number_094 Local authority call number 094
    local_authority_call_number_095 Local authority call number 095
    local_authority_call_number_096 Local authority call number 096
    local_authority_call_number_097 Local authority call number 097
    local_authority_call_number_098 Local authority call number 098
    local_authority_call_number_099 Local authority call number 099
    local_authority_field_900 Local authority field 900
    local_authority_field_901 Local authority field 901
    local_authority_field_902 Local authority field 902
    local_authority_field_903 Local authority field 903
    local_authority_field_904 Local authority field 904
    local_authority_field_905 Local authority field 905
    local_authority_field_906 Local authority field 906
    local_authority_field_907 Local authority field 907
    local_authority_field_908 Local authority field 908
    local_authority_field_909 Local authority field 909
    local_authority_field_910 Local authority field 910
    local_authority_field_911 Local authority field 911
    local_authority_field_912 Local authority field 912
    local_authority_field_913 Local authority field 913
    local_authority_field_914 Local authority field 914
    local_authority_field_915 Local authority field 915
    local_authority_field_916 Local authority field 916
    local_authority_field_917 Local authority field 917
    local_authority_field_918 Local authority field 918
    local_authority_field_919 Local authority field 919
    local_authority_field_920 Local authority field 920
    local_authority_field_921 Local authority field 921
    local_authority_field_922 Local authority field 922
    local_authority_field_923 Local authority field 923
    local_authority_field_924 Local authority field 924
    local_authority_field_925 Local authority field 925
    local_authority_field_926 Local authority field 926
    local_authority_field_927 Local authority field 927
    local_authority_field_928 Local authority field 928
    local_authority_field_929 Local authority field 929
    local_authority_field_930 Local authority field 930
    local_authority_field_931 Local authority field 931
    local_authority_field_932 Local authority field 932
    local_authority_field_933 Local authority field 933
    local_authority_field_934 Local authority field 934
    local_authority_field_935 Local authority field 935
    local_authority_field_936 Local authority field 936
    local_authority_field_937 Local authority field 937
    local_authority_field_938 Local authority field 938
    local_authority_field_939 Local authority field 939
    local_authority_field_940 Local authority field 940
    local_authority_field_941 Local authority field 941
    local_authority_field_942 Local authority field 942
    local_authority_field_943 Local authority field 943
    local_authority_field_944 Local authority field 944
    local_authority_field_945 Local authority field 945
    local_authority_field_946 Local authority field 946
    local_authority_field_947 Local authority field 947
    local_authority_field_948 Local authority field 948
    local_authority_field_949 Local authority field 949
    local_authority_field_950 Local authority field 950
    local_authority_field_951 Local authority field 951
    local_authority_field_952 Local authority field 952
    local_authority_field_953 Local authority field 953
    local_authority_field_954 Local authority field 954
    local_authority_field_955 Local authority field 955
    local_authority_field_956 Local authority field 956
    local_authority_field_957 Local authority field 957
    local_authority_field_958 Local authority field 958
    local_authority_field_959 Local authority field 959
    local_authority_field_960 Local authority field 960
    local_authority_field_961 Local authority field 961
    local_authority_field_962 Local authority field 962
    local_authority_field_963 Local authority field 963
    local_authority_field_964 Local authority field 964
    local_authority_field_965 Local authority field 965
    local_authority_field_966 Local authority field 966
    local_authority_field_967 Local authority field 967
    local_authority_field_968 Local authority field 968
    local_authority_field_969 Local authority field 969
    local_authority_field_970 Local authority field 970
    local_authority_field_971 Local authority field 971
    local_authority_field_972 Local authority field 972
    local_authority_field_973 Local authority field 973
    local_authority_field_974 Local authority field 974
    local_authority_field_975 Local authority field 975
    local_authority_field_976 Local authority field 976
    local_authority_field_977 Local authority field 977
    local_authority_field_978 Local authority field 978
    local_authority_field_979 Local authority field 979
    local_authority_field_980 Local authority field 980
    local_authority_field_981 Local authority field 981
    local_authority_field_982 Local authority field 982
    local_authority_field_983 Local authority field 983
    local_authority_field_984 Local authority field 984
    local_authority_field_985 Local authority field 985
    local_authority_field_986 Local authority field 986
    local_authority_field_987 Local authority field 987
    local_authority_field_988 Local authority field 988
    local_authority_field_989 Local authority field 989
    local_authority_field_990 Local authority field 990
    local_authority_field_991 Local authority field 991
    local_authority_field_992 Local authority field 992
    local_authority_field_993 Local authority field 993
    local_authority_field_994 Local authority field 994
    local_authority_field_995 Local authority field 995
    local_authority_field_996 Local authority field 996
    local_authority_field_997 Local authority field 997
    local_authority_field_998 Local authority field 998
    local_authority_field_999 Local authority field 999
    local_call_number_090 Local call number 090
    local_call_number_091 Local call number 091
    local_call_number_092 Local call number 092
    local_call_number_093 Local call number 093
    local_call_number_094 Local call number 094
    local_call_number_095 Local call number 095
    local_call_number_096 Local call number 096
    local_call_number_097 Local call number 097
    local_call_number_098 Local call number 098
    local_call_number_099 Local call number 099
    local_call_number_905 Local call number 905
    local_call_numbers Local call numbers
    local_control_field_009 Local Control Field 009
    local_dc_001 Local dc field 1
    local_dc_002 Local dc field 2
    local_dc_003 Local dc field 3
    local_dc_004 Local dc field 4
    local_dc_005 Local dc field 5
    local_dc_006 Local dc field 6
    local_dc_007 Local dc field 7
    local_dc_008 Local dc field 8
    local_dc_009 Local dc field 9
    local_dc_010 Local dc field 10
    local_dc_011 Local dc field 11
    local_dc_012 Local dc field 12
    local_dc_013 Local dc field 13
    local_dc_014 Local dc field 14
    local_dc_015 Local dc field 15
    local_dc_016 Local dc field 16
    local_dc_017 Local dc field 17
    local_dc_018 Local dc field 18
    local_dc_019 Local dc field 19
    local_dc_020 Local dc field 20
    local_dc_021 Local dc field 21
    local_dc_022 Local dc field 22
    local_dc_023 Local dc field 23
    local_dc_024 Local dc field 24
    local_dc_025 Local dc field 25
    local_dc_026 Local dc field 26
    local_dc_027 Local dc field 27
    local_dc_028 Local dc field 28
    local_dc_029 Local dc field 29
    local_dc_030 Local dc field 30
    local_dc_031 Local dc field 31
    local_dc_032 Local dc field 32
    local_dc_033 Local dc field 33
    local_dc_034 Local dc field 34
    local_dc_035 Local dc field 35
    local_dc_036 Local dc field 36
    local_dc_037 Local dc field 37
    local_dc_038 Local dc field 38
    local_dc_039 Local dc field 39
    local_dc_040 Local dc field 40
    local_dc_041 Local dc field 41
    local_dc_042 Local dc field 42
    local_dc_043 Local dc field 43
    local_dc_044 Local dc field 44
    local_dc_045 Local dc field 45
    local_dc_046 Local dc field 46
    local_dc_047 Local dc field 47
    local_dc_048 Local dc field 48
    local_dc_049 Local dc field 49
    local_dc_050 Local dc field 50
    local_field_899 Local field 899
    local_field_900 Local field 900
    local_field_901 Local field 901
    local_field_902 Local field 902
    local_field_903 Local field 903
    local_field_904 Local field 904
    local_field_905 Local field 905
    local_field_906 Local field 906
    local_field_907 Local field 907
    local_field_908 Local field 908
    local_field_909 Local field 909
    local_field_910 Local field 910
    local_field_911 Local field 911
    local_field_912 Local field 912
    local_field_913 Local field 913
    local_field_914 Local field 914
    local_field_915 Local field 915
    local_field_916 Local field 916
    local_field_917 Local field 917
    local_field_918 Local field 918
    local_field_919 Local field 919
    local_field_920 Local field 920
    local_field_921 Local field 921
    local_field_922 Local field 922
    local_field_923 Local field 923
    local_field_924 Local field 924
    local_field_925 Local field 925
    local_field_926 Local field 926
    local_field_927 Local field 927
    local_field_928 Local field 928
    local_field_929 Local field 929
    local_field_930 Local field 930
    local_field_931 Local field 931
    local_field_932 Local field 932
    local_field_933 Local field 933
    local_field_934 Local field 934
    local_field_935 Local field 935
    local_field_936 Local field 936
    local_field_937 Local field 937
    local_field_938 Local field 938
    local_field_939 Local field 939
    local_field_940 Local field 940
    local_field_941 Local field 941
    local_field_942 Local field 942
    local_field_943 Local field 943
    local_field_944 Local field 944
    local_field_945 Local field 945
    local_field_946 Local field 946
    local_field_947 Local field 947
    local_field_948 Local field 948
    local_field_949 Local field 949
    local_field_950 Local field 950
    local_field_951 Local field 951
    local_field_952 Local field 952
    local_field_953 Local field 953
    local_field_954 Local field 954
    local_field_955 Local field 955
    local_field_956 Local field 956
    local_field_957 Local field 957
    local_field_958 Local field 958
    local_field_959 Local field 959
    local_field_960 Local field 960
    local_field_961 Local field 961
    local_field_962 Local field 962
    local_field_963 Local field 963
    local_field_964 Local field 964
    local_field_965 Local field 965
    local_field_966 Local field 966
    local_field_967 Local field 967
    local_field_968 Local field 968
    local_field_969 Local field 969
    local_field_970 Local field 970
    local_field_971 Local field 971
    local_field_972 Local field 972
    local_field_973 Local field 973
    local_field_974 Local field 974
    local_field_975 Local field 975
    local_field_976 Local field 976
    local_field_977 Local field 977
    local_field_978 Local field 978
    local_field_979 Local field 979
    local_field_980 Local field 980
    local_field_981 Local field 981
    local_field_982 Local field 982
    local_field_983 Local field 983
    local_field_984 Local field 984
    local_field_985 Local field 985
    local_field_986 Local field 986
    local_field_987 Local field 987
    local_field_988 Local field 988
    local_field_989 Local field 989
    local_field_990 Local field 990
    local_field_991 Local field 991
    local_field_992 Local field 992
    local_field_993 Local field 993
    local_field_994 Local field 994
    local_field_995 Local field 995
    local_field_996 Local field 996
    local_field_997 Local field 997
    local_field_998 Local field 998
    local_field_999 Local field 999
    local_holding_field_019 Local holding field 019
    local_holding_field_029 Local holding field 029
    local_holding_field_039 Local holding field 039
    local_holding_field_049 Local holding field 049
    local_holding_field_059 Local holding field 059
    local_holding_field_069 Local holding field 069
    local_holding_field_079 Local holding field 079
    local_holding_field_089 Local holding field 089
    local_holding_field_090 Local holding field 090
    local_holding_field_091 Local holding field 091
    local_holding_field_092 Local holding field 092
    local_holding_field_093 Local holding field 093
    local_holding_field_094 Local holding field 094
    local_holding_field_095 Local holding field 095
    local_holding_field_096 Local holding field 096
    local_holding_field_097 Local holding field 097
    local_holding_field_098 Local holding field 098
    local_holding_field_099 Local holding field 099
    local_holding_field_109 Local holding field 109
    local_holding_field_119 Local holding field 119
    local_holding_field_129 Local holding field 129
    local_holding_field_139 Local holding field 139
    local_holding_field_149 Local holding field 149
    local_holding_field_159 Local holding field 159
    local_holding_field_169 Local holding field 169
    local_holding_field_179 Local holding field 179
    local_holding_field_189 Local holding field 189
    local_holding_field_190 Local holding field 190
    local_holding_field_191 Local holding field 191
    local_holding_field_192 Local holding field 192
    local_holding_field_193 Local holding field 193
    local_holding_field_194 Local holding field 194
    local_holding_field_195 Local holding field 195
    local_holding_field_196 Local holding field 196
    local_holding_field_197 Local holding field 197
    local_holding_field_198 Local holding field 198
    local_holding_field_199 Local holding field 199
    local_holding_field_209 Local holding field 209
    local_holding_field_219 Local holding field 219
    local_holding_field_229 Local holding field 229
    local_holding_field_239 Local holding field 239
    local_holding_field_249 Local holding field 249
    local_holding_field_259 Local holding field 259
    local_holding_field_269 Local holding field 269
    local_holding_field_279 Local holding field 279
    local_holding_field_289 Local holding field 289
    local_holding_field_290 Local holding field 290
    local_holding_field_291 Local holding field 291
    local_holding_field_292 Local holding field 292
    local_holding_field_293 Local holding field 293
    local_holding_field_294 Local holding field 294
    local_holding_field_295 Local holding field 295
    local_holding_field_296 Local holding field 296
    local_holding_field_297 Local holding field 297
    local_holding_field_298 Local holding field 298
    local_holding_field_299 Local holding field 299
    local_holding_field_309 Local holding field 309
    local_holding_field_319 Local holding field 319
    local_holding_field_329 Local holding field 329
    local_holding_field_339 Local holding field 339
    local_holding_field_349 Local holding field 349
    local_holding_field_359 Local holding field 359
    local_holding_field_369 Local holding field 369
    local_holding_field_379 Local holding field 379
    local_holding_field_389 Local holding field 389
    local_holding_field_390 Local holding field 390
    local_holding_field_391 Local holding field 391
    local_holding_field_392 Local holding field 392
    local_holding_field_393 Local holding field 393
    local_holding_field_394 Local holding field 394
    local_holding_field_395 Local holding field 395
    local_holding_field_396 Local holding field 396
    local_holding_field_397 Local holding field 397
    local_holding_field_398 Local holding field 398
    local_holding_field_399 Local holding field 399
    local_holding_field_409 Local holding field 409
    local_holding_field_419 Local holding field 419
    local_holding_field_429 Local holding field 429
    local_holding_field_439 Local holding field 439
    local_holding_field_449 Local holding field 449
    local_holding_field_459 Local holding field 459
    local_holding_field_469 Local holding field 469
    local_holding_field_479 Local holding field 479
    local_holding_field_489 Local holding field 489
    local_holding_field_490 Local holding field 490
    local_holding_field_491 Local holding field 491
    local_holding_field_492 Local holding field 492
    local_holding_field_493 Local holding field 493
    local_holding_field_494 Local holding field 494
    local_holding_field_495 Local holding field 495
    local_holding_field_496 Local holding field 496
    local_holding_field_497 Local holding field 497
    local_holding_field_498 Local holding field 498
    local_holding_field_499 Local holding field 499
    local_holding_field_509 Local holding field 509
    local_holding_field_519 Local holding field 519
    local_holding_field_529 Local holding field 529
    local_holding_field_539 Local holding field 539
    local_holding_field_549 Local holding field 549
    local_holding_field_559 Local holding field 559
    local_holding_field_569 Local holding field 569
    local_holding_field_579 Local holding field 579
    local_holding_field_589 Local holding field 589
    local_holding_field_590 Local holding field 590
    local_holding_field_591 Local holding field 591
    local_holding_field_592 Local holding field 592
    local_holding_field_593 Local holding field 593
    local_holding_field_594 Local holding field 594
    local_holding_field_595 Local holding field 595
    local_holding_field_596 Local holding field 596
    local_holding_field_597 Local holding field 597
    local_holding_field_598 Local holding field 598
    local_holding_field_599 Local holding field 599
    local_holding_field_609 Local holding field 609
    local_holding_field_619 Local holding field 619
    local_holding_field_629 Local holding field 629
    local_holding_field_639 Local holding field 639
    local_holding_field_649 Local holding field 649
    local_holding_field_659 Local holding field 659
    local_holding_field_669 Local holding field 669
    local_holding_field_679 Local holding field 679
    local_holding_field_689 Local holding field 689
    local_holding_field_690 Local holding field 690
    local_holding_field_691 Local holding field 691
    local_holding_field_692 Local holding field 692
    local_holding_field_693 Local holding field 693
    local_holding_field_694 Local holding field 694
    local_holding_field_695 Local holding field 695
    local_holding_field_696 Local holding field 696
    local_holding_field_697 Local holding field 697
    local_holding_field_698 Local holding field 698
    local_holding_field_699 Local holding field 699
    local_holding_field_709 Local holding field 709
    local_holding_field_719 Local holding field 719
    local_holding_field_729 Local holding field 729
    local_holding_field_739 Local holding field 739
    local_holding_field_749 Local holding field 749
    local_holding_field_759 Local holding field 759
    local_holding_field_769 Local holding field 769
    local_holding_field_779 Local holding field 779
    local_holding_field_789 Local holding field 789
    local_holding_field_790 Local holding field 790
    local_holding_field_791 Local holding field 791
    local_holding_field_792 Local holding field 792
    local_holding_field_793 Local holding field 793
    local_holding_field_794 Local holding field 794
    local_holding_field_795 Local holding field 795
    local_holding_field_796 Local holding field 796
    local_holding_field_797 Local holding field 797
    local_holding_field_798 Local holding field 798
    local_holding_field_799 Local holding field 799
    local_holding_field_809 Local holding field 809
    local_holding_field_819 Local holding field 819
    local_holding_field_829 Local holding field 829
    local_holding_field_839 Local holding field 839
    local_holding_field_849 Local holding field 849
    local_holding_field_859 Local holding field 859
    local_holding_field_869 Local holding field 869
    local_holding_field_879 Local holding field 879
    local_holding_field_889 Local holding field 889
    local_holding_field_890 Local holding field 890
    local_holding_field_891 Local holding field 891
    local_holding_field_892 Local holding field 892
    local_holding_field_893 Local holding field 893
    local_holding_field_894 Local holding field 894
    local_holding_field_895 Local holding field 895
    local_holding_field_896 Local holding field 896
    local_holding_field_897 Local holding field 897
    local_holding_field_898 Local holding field 898
    local_holding_field_899 Local holding field 899
    local_holding_field_900 Local holding field 900
    local_holding_field_901 Local holding field 901
    local_holding_field_902 Local holding field 902
    local_holding_field_903 Local holding field 903
    local_holding_field_904 Local holding field 904
    local_holding_field_905 Local holding field 905
    local_holding_field_906 Local holding field 906
    local_holding_field_907 Local holding field 907
    local_holding_field_908 Local holding field 908
    local_holding_field_909 Local holding field 909
    local_holding_field_910 Local holding field 910
    local_holding_field_911 Local holding field 911
    local_holding_field_912 Local holding field 912
    local_holding_field_913 Local holding field 913
    local_holding_field_914 Local holding field 914
    local_holding_field_915 Local holding field 915
    local_holding_field_916 Local holding field 916
    local_holding_field_917 Local holding field 917
    local_holding_field_918 Local holding field 918
    local_holding_field_919 Local holding field 919
    local_holding_field_920 Local holding field 920
    local_holding_field_921 Local holding field 921
    local_holding_field_922 Local holding field 922
    local_holding_field_923 Local holding field 923
    local_holding_field_924 Local holding field 924
    local_holding_field_925 Local holding field 925
    local_holding_field_926 Local holding field 926
    local_holding_field_927 Local holding field 927
    local_holding_field_928 Local holding field 928
    local_holding_field_929 Local holding field 929
    local_holding_field_930 Local holding field 930
    local_holding_field_931 Local holding field 931
    local_holding_field_932 Local holding field 932
    local_holding_field_933 Local holding field 933
    local_holding_field_934 Local holding field 934
    local_holding_field_935 Local holding field 935
    local_holding_field_936 Local holding field 936
    local_holding_field_937 Local holding field 937
    local_holding_field_938 Local holding field 938
    local_holding_field_939 Local holding field 939
    local_holding_field_940 Local holding field 940
    local_holding_field_941 Local holding field 941
    local_holding_field_942 Local holding field 942
    local_holding_field_943 Local holding field 943
    local_holding_field_944 Local holding field 944
    local_holding_field_945 Local holding field 945
    local_holding_field_946 Local holding field 946
    local_holding_field_947 Local holding field 947
    local_holding_field_948 Local holding field 948
    local_holding_field_949 Local holding field 949
    local_holding_field_950 Local holding field 950
    local_holding_field_951 Local holding field 951
    local_holding_field_952 Local holding field 952
    local_holding_field_953 Local holding field 953
    local_holding_field_954 Local holding field 954
    local_holding_field_955 Local holding field 955
    local_holding_field_956 Local holding field 956
    local_holding_field_957 Local holding field 957
    local_holding_field_958 Local holding field 958
    local_holding_field_959 Local holding field 959
    local_holding_field_960 Local holding field 960
    local_holding_field_961 Local holding field 961
    local_holding_field_962 Local holding field 962
    local_holding_field_963 Local holding field 963
    local_holding_field_964 Local holding field 964
    local_holding_field_965 Local holding field 965
    local_holding_field_966 Local holding field 966
    local_holding_field_967 Local holding field 967
    local_holding_field_968 Local holding field 968
    local_holding_field_969 Local holding field 969
    local_holding_field_970 Local holding field 970
    local_holding_field_971 Local holding field 971
    local_holding_field_972 Local holding field 972
    local_holding_field_973 Local holding field 973
    local_holding_field_974 Local holding field 974
    local_holding_field_975 Local holding field 975
    local_holding_field_976 Local holding field 976
    local_holding_field_977 Local holding field 977
    local_holding_field_978 Local holding field 978
    local_holding_field_979 Local holding field 979
    local_holding_field_980 Local holding field 980
    local_holding_field_981 Local holding field 981
    local_holding_field_982 Local holding field 982
    local_holding_field_983 Local holding field 983
    local_holding_field_984 Local holding field 984
    local_holding_field_985 Local holding field 985
    local_holding_field_986 Local holding field 986
    local_holding_field_987 Local holding field 987
    local_holding_field_988 Local holding field 988
    local_holding_field_989 Local holding field 989
    local_holding_field_990 Local holding field 990
    local_holding_field_991 Local holding field 991
    local_holding_field_992 Local holding field 992
    local_holding_field_993 Local holding field 993
    local_holding_field_994 Local holding field 994
    local_holding_field_995 Local holding field 995
    local_holding_field_996 Local holding field 996
    local_holding_field_997 Local holding field 997
    local_holding_field_998 Local holding field 998
    local_holding_field_999 Local holding field 999
    local_notes Local notes
    local_subjects Local subjects

    The LOM search indexes listed below are for Learning Object Metadata fields, which are used to contain metadata for digital resources used to support learning. You can configure these fields using Dublin Core Application Profiles (DCAP) to which you can add the LOM fields. For more information, see Working with DC Application Profiles.

    lom_context lom-edu:context
    lom_description lom-edu:description
    lom_difficulty lom-edu:difficulty
    lom_intendedEndUserRole lom-edu:intendedEndUserRole
    lom_interactivityLevel lom-edu:interactivityLevel
    lom_interactivityType lom-edu:interactivityType
    lom_language lom-edu:language
    lom_semanticDensity lom-edu:semanticDensity
    lom_type lom-edu:type
    lom_typicalLearningTime lom-edu:typicalLearningTime


    Mailbox (GND)
    main_pub_date Publication Year
    materialType Material type
    media_type_code Media type code
    media_type_term Media type term
    medium_of_performance Medium of Performance
    medium_type Medium Type
    mesh Medical Subjects (MeSH)
    method_of_acquisition Method of Acquisition
    mms_briefLevel Brief Level
    mms_catalogerLevel Cataloger Level
    mms_contributedBy Contributed By
    mms_createDate MMS Creation Date (Title)
    mms_id MMS ID
    mms_managed_by MMS Managed By
    mms_material_type Material Type
    mms_mdImportModificationHistory MMS MD Import Modification History
    mms_memberOfDeep Collection
    mms_modificationDate Modification Date (Title)
    mms_originatingSystem Originating System
    mms_originatingSystemId Originating System Id
    mms_resource_type Resource Type
    mms_sip_id MMS SIP ID (a number for a transitory set of records affected by a job)

    Since this is a "transitory" set, the number of records may change if the records become part of another job.

    mms_tagSuppressed Tag Suppressed (Title)
    mms_tagSuppressedExternalSearch Tag Suppressed External Search
    mms_tagSyncExternalCatalog Tag Sync External Catalog
    mms_tagSyncNationalCatalog Tag Sync Natinal Catalog
    modifying_agency Modifying Agency
    name Names
    national_bibliography_number National bibliography number
    nlc_ucs_control_number NLC Control Number
    nlm_call_number NLM-type Call Number
    notes Notes


    NUK (GND)
    number Number
    oclc_control_number_019_a OCLC Control number 019 a
    oclc_control_number_035_a OCLC Control number 035 a
    oclc_control_number_035_az OCLC Control number 035 az
    oclc_control_number_035_z OCLC Control number 035 z
    onShelfDate On shelf date
    onShelfSeq On shelf seq
    open_access Open access
    orcid_identifier ORCID - Open Researcher and Contributor ID
    original_cataloging_agency Original Cataloging Agency
    originating_system_id Originating System ID
    other_class_number Other Classification Number
    other_physical_details Other Physical Details
    other_standard_identifier Other Standard ID
    other_system_number Other System Number
    other_system_number_035_a_exact Other System Number (035a exact)
    other_system_number_035_az Other System Number (035a+z)
    other_system_number_active_035 Other System Number (035a)
    other_system_number_deleted_035 Other System Number (035z)
    p_level_4_id Has items
    package_available_for Collection available for
    package_available_only_for Collection available only for
    package_creation_date Creation Date (Electronic Collection)
    package_license_id License ID
    package_modification_date Modification Date (Electronic Collection)
    package_nativeInterfaceUrl Url (Electronic Collection)
    packageName Electronic collection Name
    packageType Package Type
    pages Pages
    pattern_fifth_level_enum Pattern fifth level (E Number)
    pattern_first_level_enum Pattern first level (E Number)
    pattern_fourth_level_enum Pattern fourth level (E Number)
    pattern_frequency Pattern frequency
    pattern_second_level_enum Pattern second level (E Number)
    pattern_sixth_level_enum Pattern sixth level (E Number)
    pattern_third_level_enum Pattern third level (E Number)
    peer_reviewed Peer Reviewed
    PermanentCallNumber Permanent call number
    permanentCallNumberType Permanent call number type
    permanentCallNumberTypeFacet Permanent call number type facet
    permanentPhysicalLocation Permanent physical condition
    physicalCondition Physical condition
    pieces Pieces
    portfolio_accessRights Access Rights (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_accessType Access Type (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_activationDate Activation Date (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_authenticationNote Authentication note (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_baseStatus Availability (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_contributedBy Contributed By (Electronic Portfolio)


    Use this index code to set your search options for COUNTER Platform under electronic portfolios. See the following search results example where the electronic portfolio COUNTER Platform setting is overriding the electronic collection COUNTER Platform setting:


    When you use the Advanced Search after setting portfolio_counterPlatform, the search criteria drop-down list is populated with the list of platforms, like the list in the Electronic Collection Editor and the Electronic Portfolio Editor. See Managing Electronic Resources for more information.

    portfolio_creation_date Creation Date (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_ebaId Ebald (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_has_local_coverage Has Local Coverage Information
    portfolio_interfaceName Interface Name (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_internalDescription Internal Description (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_is_local Is Location (Electronic Porfolio)
    portfolio_Library Library (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_license_id Portfolio License ID
    portfolio_materialType Material Type (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_managed_by Managed By (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_modification_date Modification Date (Electronic Portfolio)
    portfolio_note_out Notes tab
    portfolio_pdaId Portfolio PDA ID
    portfolio_pid Portfolio PID
    portfolio_POLineID Portfolio PO Line ID
    portfolioProxyEnabled Proxy Enabled (Electronic Portfolio)
    pps_authenticationNote Service Authentication Note
    pps_baseStatus Availability (Electronic Collection)
    preservationType Usage Type
    processType Process type
    provenanceCode Provenance Code
    proxy Proxy name (Electronic Portfolio)
    proxySelected Proxy name (Electronic Collection)
    publicAccessModel Public Access Model
    public_note Public Note
    publicNote Public note
    publisher Publisher
    publisher_location Publisher location
    publisher_number Publisher number
    purchaseModel Purchase Model
    receipt_acq_status Receipt Acquisition Status
    receiveNumber Receive Number
    registry_id Record format


    Related Chronological Term


    Related Corporate Name
    related_family_name Related Family Name


    Related Geographical Name


    Related Meeting Name


    Related Personal Name


    Related Topical Term


    Related Uniform Title
    relator Relator
    remote_representation_integration_system_code Remote repository
    remote_representation_linkingparameter1 Linking Parameter 1
    remote_representation_linkingparameter2 Linking Parameter 2
    remote_representation_linkingparameter3 Linking Parameter 3
    remote_representation_linkingparameter4 Linking Parameter 4
    remote_representation_linkingparameter5 Linking Parameter 5
    remote_representation_originating_system_id Originating System ID
    rep_Library Library
    rep_public_note Public note (Representation)
    repPoLineId PO Line ID
    repCreator Creator (Title)
    representation_label Representation Label
    representation_originating_system_id Representation Originating System ID
    representation_pid Representation PID
    representationEntityType Entity type
    reproduction_policy Reproduction Policy
    repTitle Title
    ruc_class_number RUC Classification Number
    serial_order_no Serial Order Number
    series Series
    service_pid Title Service PID
    service_proxyEnabled Proxy Enabled (Service)
    serviceType Service Type
    shelving_location Shelving location
    shl_ucs_control_number SHL Control Number
    siku_class_number Other Domestic Classification Number


    source_record_id Source Record Id
    standard_number Standard number
    statisticsNote1 Statistics Note 1
    statisticsNote2 Statistics Note 2
    statisticsNote3 Statistics Note 3
    storageLocationID Storage Location ID
    stored_standard_number_024_a_ind1_0 International Standard Recording Code
    stored_standard_number_024_a_ind1_1 Universal Product Code
    stored_standard_number_024_a_ind1_2 International Standard Music Number
    stored_standard_number_024_a_ind1_3 International Article Number
    stored_standard_number_024_a_ind1_4 Serial Item and Contribution Identifier
    subject_category_code Subject Category Code


    Subject, Occupation

    subjects Subjects
    sublocation Sublocation
    summaryHolding Summary holding
     tagActive Tag Active (Representation)


    TBK (GND)
    temporaryCallNumber Temporary call number
    temporaryCallNumberType Temporary call number type
    temporaryItemPolicy Temporary item policy
    temporaryLibrary Temporary library
    temporaryPhysicalLocation Temporary physical location
    temporaryPhysicalLocationInUse In temporary location
    textual_holdings Textual holdings
    textual_holdings_non_public_note Textual holdings non public note
    textual_holdings_public_note Textual holdings public note
    title Title
    tps_managed_by TPS Managed By
    type_of_date Date type status
    type_of_record Bibliographic format
    ubsn Unified Books and Serials Number
    uniform_title Uniform title
    unique_serial_title Serial Title
    universal_decimal_class_number UDC
    There is a known issue with this condition, and it is not functioning properly in Repository Search. See the July 2016 release notes.
    volume Volume
    weedingDate Weeding Date
    weedingNumber Weeding Number
    The table below maps the Object Type column in the Search Indexes mapping table to the search index types in Alma.
    Object Type to Search Index Types Mapping

    Search Indexes Example

    If an index, such as accession number, is enabled and Adv Search? is set to true, it appears as an option when performing an advanced search.
    Accession Number Index Code Enabled
    Accession Number as a Search Option
    If an index is disabled, it does not appear as an option when performing an advanced search or a simple search regardless of the setting for either of these types of searches.

    Configuring Search Index Labels

    To configure search index labels, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Catalog Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    You can edit the display names of the index labels of local fields used in simple and advanced searches.
    You configure index labels from the Customize Search Labels code table (Configuration Menu > Resources > Search Configuration > Customize Indexes Labels). For more information on code tables, see Code Tables.
    Customize Search Labels Code Table Page (Search Index Labels)
    You can edit the index label details on this page. Reordering the items on this page has no effect; users can search for specific indexes in the drop-down list by entering part or all of the index label.

    Configuring Index Label Examples

    If the local field 904 is named Local 904 Gift Field, the Local 904 Gift Field appears when performing a search.
    Local Field 904 – Local 904 Gift Field
    Advanced Search – Local 904 Gift Field

    Configuring Search Resources

    Configuration options are available to tailor the options presented when you select Search Resources (Resources > Cataloging > Search Resources).
    To configure which external resources are available for searching, see Configuring External Search Resources. This configuration determines which options are available in the External Resources Pool section of the Search Profile configuration.
    To configure which internal and external resources are searched when you select Search Resources, see Configuring Search Profiles.

    Configuring External Search Resources

    You can add external resources you want to search and their characteristics (normalization process, merge method, and credentials, as needed). You configure external resources on the Search External Resource Setup page (Configuration Menu > Resources > Search Configuration > External Search Resources). For information on external search, see Searching External Resources.
    The External Resources search enables the option to Show All Resources that lists all available external resources, rather than search for a specific resource. 
    All available external resources in Alma
    Search External Resource Setup Page
    To add an external resource to be searched:
    1. On the Search External Resource Setup page, select Add External Resource.
    2. Enter one or more search criteria to be used in locating a resource.
      • Name – Enter the name or part of the name of the resource.
        For example, enter KERIS in the Name parameter to locate the following resources:
        • KERIS (Korea Education and Research Information Service) – MARC 21 record format
        • KERIS (KORMARC) – KORMARC record format
      • Name search type – Select the way in which you want the search word or string to be matched against the resource names, Contains, Exact, or Starts with.
      • Resource type – Select a type of resource to locate such as e-journal or e-book.
      • Publisher – Enter the name of a specific publisher from which you want to locate a resource.
      For a list of possible external resources, see External Search Resources.
    3. Select Find Resources to display the resources (from this list) that meet your criteria.
      A list of resources that meet the criteria opens on a new page. If the search returns no results, edit your criteria and try again.
      Search External Resource Setup Results - KERIS Example
    4. Locate the resource that you want to make available to your institution and select Select Resource from the row actions list.
      It is possible to have multiple connections to the same resource if the credentials to the resource are different for each connection.
      For cases like KERIS, if you want to import KERIS records that are stored in both the KORMARC and the MARC 21 record format, you need to repeat these configuration steps for both formats.
    5. Under Institution Details, modify, enter, or select the following:
      • Resource name – Modify the resource name to the name by which the institution refers to the resource.
      • Normalization process – Select the appropriate normalization rules file to be used from a list of previously defined files. Normalization processes can be added from the Resource Management Configuration page, in the General section. For more information, see Working with Normalization Processes.
      • Merge method – Select from one of the following merge methods predefined by Ex Libris:
        • Replace 245 and 035 OCLC if exist – Replaces all MARC fields in the Alma record with fields from the external records, except for fields 001, 245, and 035 (whose “a” subfields contain OCoLC or where the first indicator is 9 and the second indicator is #). Any 001, 245, or 035 fields in the Alma record are left in place, and any 245 or 035 fields in the external record are added to them.
        • Overlay all fields but local – Replaces 035 fields in the Alma record with those from the external record unless the first indicator is 9 and the second indicator is #. In addition, replaces all other MARC fields in the Alma record with fields from the external records, except for fields 001 and 9XX.
        • Keep only old value – Keeps all MARC field values in the Alma records.
        • Conditional subject headings – Replaces all MARC fields in the Alma record with fields from the external records, except for fields 001, 035, 9XX, 65X, and 7XX. Any 001, 035, 9XX, 65X, or 7XX fields in the Alma record are left in place, and any 6xX or 7XX fields in the external record are added to them.
        Alternatively, if you defined merge rules in the MD Editor (see Working with Merge Rules for the way in which these rules work), you can select these rules from the Merge method drop-down list. The descriptions that were entered for the rules are displayed as the merge method names.
        If you select a merge rule from the drop-down list, confirm that it is designed to work with search external resources. There may also be merge rules in the list that were designed for use in an import profile.
      • Credentials – The <username>/<password> (using this syntax, with no spaces) to be used for the external resource. Note that for resources that use the new infrastructure, there are two separate fields for entering the username and the password.
        For this parameter, note that you can use all characters except for the ampersand (&).
    6. Select Save. The resource is added to the list of available external resources.

    Configuring Search Profiles

    To configure external search profiles, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Catalog Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    After you configure external search resources, you need to create a search profile that defines the order in which the external resources are searched, and the search conditions. The search profiles appear in the Search Cataloging Profile dropdown list (Resource Management > Cataloging > Search Resources) when searching resources. The search profile can be configured to identify multiple resources (local and external) to be searched and define the order in which these resources are searched. For more information, see Searching Resources.
    In a Network Zone, the settings that control the placement of new records and templates (Local or Network) in the MD Editor (File > Options) also determine which search profiles are available to the individual user when the Institution Zone and the Network Zone have configured different search profiles. Since each user can define the placement of new records in the MD Editor, it is possible that individual users in the same member institution with different settings for the placement of new records may access and use different search profiles. See Options for more information.
    To create a search profile:
    1. On the Search Profile List page (Configuration Menu > Resources > Search Configuration > Search Profile), select Add Search Profile. The first page of the Search Profile Details wizard appears.
    2. Enter a name and description (required) for the search profile you are defining and select Next. The second page of the wizard appears.
    3. Under the Internal Resources Pool section, select one of more of the following check box options if you want Alma to search internal resources and select Add to Selection:
      • Institution Zone
      • Network Zone (when available) 
      • Community Zone
    4. Under External Resources Pool, select the external resource you want to add to the profile, and select Add to Selection.
    5. Use the Move Up and Move Down arrows to set the search results order for the resources.
    6. To delete a selected resource, select Remove from the row actions list.
    7. Select Save. The profile is added to the list of search profiles. It can now be selected from the Search Cataloging Profile drop-down list (Resource Management > Cataloging > Search Resources).

    External Search Resources

    A complete list of available External resources can be found here.

    Customizing the Thumbnail Display

    To configure the thumbnail display, you must have the following role:
    • Catalog Administrator
    Alma attempts to display a thumbnail image for each title. If the title has a digital file, a thumbnail of that file appears (unless the file is part of an auxiliary representation). If the title has no digital inventory, Alma attempts to acquire a thumbnail image of the cover using the title’s ISSN/ISBN/LCCN. If no thumbnail is available, a generic image of the material type (book, video, music, and so forth) appears.
    You can configure whether you want Alma to display thumbnails in the repository search results for digital resources only, or for all types of resources.
    In the Chinese region, the thumbnail book covers option for search results was disabled in order to improve performance and the customer experience with repository search results.
    To configure the thumbnail display:
    1. Open the Repository Search Configuration page (Configuration Menu > Resources > Search Configuration > Repository Search).
    2. Select one of the following options:
      • Show for all objects – Thumbnails appear for all types of resources.
      • Show digital only – Thumbnails appear only for digital resources.
    3. Select Save.

    Configuring the Display of Additional Staff Search Fields

    Using the Additional Fields for Search Results mapping table, you can customize the way in which the five additional 9XX fields for staff search appear in All titles search results.
    In the Network Zone, you can centrally create, distribute, and manage the display of the additional five 9XX fields for staff search. Use the procedure below for configuring the Additional Staff Search Fields and see Centrally Managing Additional Staff Search Fields in a Network Zone for more information specific to the Network Zone.
    To customize the display of the additional staff search fields:
    1. Open the Additional Fields for Search Results mapping table (Configuration > Resources > Search Configuration > Additional Staff Search Fields).
      Additional Fields for Search Results Mapping Table
    2. Using the ellipsis button, select Customize for the row that you want to edit. The Field Label and Field Tag column options become available for editing.
    3. From the drop-down list, select the field whose search results display you want to customize, and customize the label for this field.
      Customizing a Search Field
      The label appears in the search results with the contents of the additional field and, like other search result fields, can be configured to appear or not appear in the search results view.
      Search Results with Additional Search Field
      Configure Search Results View
      There is a known issue that the field label does not appear in the bold font in the search results.
    4. Use the row slider to enable the field that you have customized.
    5. Select Save.