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    How to delete Ledger and override error: "Funds associated with this ledger have transactions, you must delete them before proceeding"


    • Product: Alma


    Trying to delete a Ledger or a Fund causes an error: "Funds associated with this ledger have transactions, you must delete them before proceeding."  


    The Ledger and Funds need to be without transactions, and inactive. The steps are:

    1. Find the Ledger or Fund and click "Delete" action button
    2. If the fund (or funds associated with the ledger) has no associated transactions, encumbrances, or expenditures, it is deleted. If a Ledger is deleted, all the funds associated with the ledger are also deleted.
      • Sometimes it is not possible to delete the Fund or Ledger from the brief results page. In this case - Edit the ledger or fund and select Delete
      • Or, use the "Rollover Ledgers" job to apply the Delete action on this specific Ledger and Fiscal Period.
    3. If Allocations exist - these need to be deleted.
      • Should the "Transactions" tab not be visible - activate the Fund (may need first to activate the Ledger), delete the Allocation(s), deactivate the Fund and delete it. 
    4. If Encumbrances exist - the PO Lines need to be edited, and the Fund to be removed. The job "Update PO Lines Transactions" can be used for batch updates based on a PO Line Set. Click here to learn more.
    5. If Expenditures exist - this is a more complex situation, contact support for analysis.


    Additional Information

    See also Deleting Funds and Ledgers in the Online Help





    • Article last edited: 17-JULY-2021