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    How to Delete POLs which are already Closed? Could this process be used for purpose of cleanup of bibliographic records too?

    • Product: Alma



    Deleteing POLs through the "Change PO Lines Status" job is not possible. The errors are: "PO Line 123 is in status Closed and cannot be deleted". Yet the Online Help confirms that for clean up, it is possible to delete:

    • Closed or canceled PO lines
    • [by] Users with Extended roles

    How to cleanup, or delete, POLines which are already closed?

    Sometimes also need to delete the bibliographic records. What are the steps?


    The same online help page (link below) adds explanations, such as:

    A PO line cannot be deleted if:

    • It is linked to an invoice line.
    • It is attached to a PO and has been sent to a vendor (if the PO has not been sent, the PO line can be removed from the PO and then deleted).
    • It is a main PO line and one of the PO line resources was received or activated (even if the PO line is in review)

    Here is a workflow which will enable delete:

    1. Create a set for the PO Lines.
    2. "Close" if needed, with the job "Change PO Lines Status".
    3. "Reopen" with the the job "Update PO Lines Workflow".  It will change the POL status to "In Review". 
    4. Now it is possible to run the job "Change PO Lines Status" and "Cancel" the re-opened PO Lines.
    5. Finally it is possible to use the job "Change PO Lines Status" and "Delete" the cancelled PO Lines.

    Note that after deleting the POLines, it is possible to run the 'Delete Bibliographic records' job to delete the bibs and their associated inventory, depending on their workflow and business needs.



    • Article last edited: 03-JAN-2018
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