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    How to implement a normalization rule?

    • Product: Alma


    What are the steps of composing and implementing a NR?


    1. Go to: Resources > Cataloging > Open Metadata Editor > File > New > Normalization Rule
    2. To work with an existing normalization rule: Resources > Cataloging > Open Metadata Editor, select the Rules tab and expand the Normalization rules folder to display the saved rule files.Compose a rule with the help of the examples document titled 'Rules - Normalization rule examples.docx' at: Presentations and Documents - Rules. Also see Normalization Rule Syntax.
    3. Test the rule on a record by opening the record in MD Editor.
      1. Go to Edit > Split Editor.
      2. Edit the desired rule from Rules tab.
      3. Select Preview to see the effect of the rule on the record.
      4. 'Apply Changes' or go 'Back to normalization rules.
    4. Create a Normalization Process: Configuration Menu > Resources > Cataloging > Metadata Configuration. Select one of the profile links such as MARC21 Bibliographic.
      1. Add Process, and complete the Process Details wizard steps. Add a Task and select the MarcDroolNormalization process from the Process list.
    5. Run the MARC21 Bib normalization job on a set of titles.

      Additional Information

      Working with Normalization Processes

    • Article last edited: 05-Feb-2018