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    Loan doesn't renew as expected in Alma

    • Product: Alma



    In several scenarios, we find that Alma does not renew the loan due date (does not extend the Loan's Due Date). What could be the reason?


    1. Alma doesn't count the number of renewals for a loan. Renewal limits are managed by the 'Maximum Renewal Period' policy in the Loan Terms of Use (TOU) which indicates the total period of time that a user may have the loaned item.
      1. The count begins from the Loan Date. 
      2. This value takes into account calendar days and not library open days.
      3. If the Value type = None for this policy type, there is no limit to the loan renewal period.
    2. Check that the item's Library "Opening Hours" are not expiring. 

      1. Check the Calendar of the relevant library from: Configuration > [Choose the Library of the item] > Fulfillment > Library Management > Library Hours. 

      2. If the standard opening hours are expired or will expire soon, extend them. This can be done by editing each "Standard Opening Hours" day, and saving without change.  Afterwards do not forget to click the "Apply changes" button.

    3. It may happen that an item belonged to a former library during loan, and the library has since been deleted.  There are no "Opening Hours" for that original item location, and upon renew Alma says: "The due date is already set to the renewed due date".  After consultation with the Alma Development Team, in this situation, it is best to return and reloan the item. 

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