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    Loan doesn't renew as expected in Alma

    • Product: Alma



    In Alma what controls how many times a user can renew an item (at times users are not allowed to renew but other times it seems to be unlimited)?


    Alma doesn't count the number of renewals for a loan. Renewal limits are managed by the 'Maximum Renewal Period' policy in the Loan Terms of Use (TOU) which indicates the total period of time that a user may have the loaned item.

    For example, if the 'Due Date' policy is 30 days and the 'Maximum Renewal Period' policy is 90 days in the Loan TOU, each time the user renews the item the loan will be for 30 days from the current date up until the time that the due date exceeds the 90 day maximum renewal period.

    Additional Information

    The maximum renewal period begins on the original date of the loan and only takes into account calendar days (not library open days).

    Physical Fulfillment: Configuring Fulfillment Policies


    • Article last edited: 14-Oct-2020