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    Number of loans including pre-migration loans in Alma

    • Product: Alma



    Where in Alma can you see the total number of loans, including loans migrated from the previous (legacy) system to Alma?


    There are two places:

    • In Alma Search results: from an All titles, Physical titles, or Physical item search, you find the loan statistics when clicking the 'Other details' link. Note: from All titles and Physical titles the loan statistics represent total for all items whereas the Physical item loan statistics are specific to the single item. Additionally, statistics are not available for migrated loans if the title has more than 1,000 items.
    • In Alma Analytics, loan statistics for migrated loans can only be found in the 'Physical Items' subject area. You will not find migrated loan totals in the 'Fulfillment' subject area (which only includes Alma loans).

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