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    PO Summary: nothing in Library Billing / Shipping Address dropdowns

    • Product: Alma


    PO (Purchase Order) is stuck in Review. The information is: "Mandatory information is missing or erroneous".

    A symptom is that the PO Summary screen - has no information in dropdown for library billing address or library shipping address.

    Cannot Save and Continue through workflow.


    This error may occur if "Billing" and "Shipping" are not checked for any of the library addresses.

    To set library addresses as billing or shipping addresses, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to: Configuration > General > Add a Library or Edit Library Information
    2. Edit the relevant Library
    3. Click the "Contact Information" tab
    4. For the relevant address, check the appropriate boxes (Billing, Patron Communication, Primary, Shipping)
    7. Save.


    Additional Information

    Click here for more information about "Configuring Institution/Library Contact Information".



    • Article last edited: 06-SEP-2018