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    Previous Fiscal Period Ledger and Funds still appearing as active after Fiscal Period Rollover

    • Product: Alma


    Why do Ledgers and Funds from previous Fiscal Periods still appear (sometimes) as "Active" in the Fund and Ledgers search? 


    The Alma Development team advises as follows:

    Ledgers and their Funds will not automatically get deactivated after Rollover processes, nor when the Fiscal Year has ended. Should the Ledger and or Funds need to disappear from the "Active" filter - please "deactivate" them.

    Note as well that the Fund "Status" is part of multiple factors which allow encumbrance (in the POLine) or expenditure (in the Invoice). Past Funds can’t be used unless they are active, and if the Grace Period parameters extend until the transaction date (e.g. today). The Fund's Available Balance is checked when a transaction is created, as well as the Rules (overencumbrance, overexpenditure).


    Additional Information

    Find the Online Help regarding "Activating and Deactivating Funds and Ledgers".

    More resources can be found for "Fiscal Period Close Resources and FAQs in Alma".


    • Article last edited: 2-JUN-2022
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