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    Print Slip is successful - yet nothing is printed (email troubleshoot)


    Print slip for a request is declared successful, but nothing prints to the printer. How to resolve?


    Some printers are sensitive to who is sending the email, and will only accept email originating from an address that is valid according to the SPF associated with the SMTP server sending the email.

    The trick to getting the printer to accept print jobs from Alma is to add valid email addresses in the Mail Handling Integration Profile, and the letter itself.




    1. Check the Mail Handling setup.  Go to: Configuration > General > Integration Profiles > Mail Handling.  If it is already configured, go to: Actions (tab) > define the SMTP-EnvelopeFrom address. It can be an administrator's email, system administrator, any valid email.  If not yet configured, consider adding this Integration Profile.

    For example, one library achieved success by changing the FromAddress in the Mail Handling integration profile from: (e.g.):, to:


    2. Check configuration of "addressFrom" in any problematic email. Go to: Configuration > General > Letters Configuration > inspect the letter.

    For example, if the issue is with "Ful Resource Request Slip Letter", define the addressFrom address with the library's valid email.


    3. Add/whitelist our mail server in your server's domain. Follow this document for additional info:

    For example, the IP in North America is in this range: [] []

    Note: Especially for HP Printers, if they keep the HP email addresses, these are on the HP IP networks.  Firewalls will need to be opened to include the HP IP addresses.


    Our Cloud Engineers recommend:
    -- Add an SPF Include Entry for the Ex Libris mail-relay servers into the SPF record of the customers domain (see section "Mail Relay Gateways" of the document above). 
    -- Ex Libris strongly recommends that the customer whitelist the IP addresses of Ex Libris mail-relay servers as permitted SMTP servers in any anti-spam filters managed by the customer or any email service to which they are subscribed.


    Troubleshoot specific printer:

    To test if the problem is with a specific printer, change the email to which the slip is sent - to an email such as your institutions' address, Gmail, etc.

    The steps are:

    1. Go to: Fulfillment Configuration Menu
    2. You are configuring: "<select your Library>"
    3. Click: Printers
    4. Add an email such as your institutional email
    5. Go back
    6. Click: Circulation Desks
    7. Click the Circulation Desk from which the slips are printing, such as: DEFAULT_CIRC_DESK
    8. Change the drop-down menu for the Printer, and select the email configured above
    9. Save, and again change "You are configuring", now to the Institution level.

    10. To test, find the request (e.g. from Monitor Requests & Item Processes), and "Print Slip".

    Additional Information

    Click the following links to get to the Online Help:

    "Configuring Outgoing Email"

     "Configuring Alma Letters".

    "Mail Relay Gateways".

    Also find a great training session on "Configuring Printers in Alma"!



    • Article last edited: 3-DEC-2019
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